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Welcome to Carista. We are an original fantasy roleplay forum set in the world of Carista -- a place where the eight different systems of control are divided across countries and oceans and blood. The systems of control are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Plant, Health and Time -- all given to humanity in ages past.

Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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 The Basics of Glacies

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PostSubject: The Basics of Glacies   Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:23 pm

Ruled by Halvar Gustafsson, Water Consular (NPC)

    Nearly thirty years ago, Glacies finally split from the Collective Kingdoms of Unda and the tyrannical rule of the King to build a better world for their honest and hard working people. Already at the poles of the known world, the separation seemed natural. However, when working Glaciens tried to find their way back into the trade business they knew so well, this caused nothing short of a war of trade between themselves and the Collective Kingdoms of Unda. When Unda began attacking those villages on the coasts and even took over an entire set of islands Unda claimed to be "theirs" in the south, Glacies' King, Halvar Gustafsson, began the evacuation movement. Unda's Navy was too much for them to defend against on the coasts and moving inland was nearly impossible with the vast mountain ranges and think forests, and so the people of South Glacies began moving to the only place they felt they could -- Valetudo. Originally it was in peace as they looked for a safe haven with the Healers there and for the rumored Loners --for they would protect them with the Relic from Unda--, but as more and more people came, violence was inevitable and the people of Glacies fought for a home while their King watched in horror at his people's doings, powerless to stop the masses.

North Glacies (above), and South Glacies (below)

    Population Breakdown: 70% Ice Controllers, 27% Water Controllers, 2.7% Assorted. 0.3% Time Controllers.

    Geography: Being either located at either the very north or the deep south, the kingdom of Glacies is practically a frozen wasteland. South Glacies has no trees and even less flora near the cost that is typically a giant glacier and large game such as the arctic polar bear are some of the only animals able to survive on the surface in these areas, while in the sea life is somehow able to flourish. There are many mountains and snowdrifts once you get into North Glacies territory, and the thick pines that grow inland are thicker than two people can reach around and seem to never end. Many speculate these trees to be living on magic of ages long past.

    Culture: The culture of the Glacies is greatly proven by the fact most of the people are still adjusting from not having the constant trade revenue coming in. All of the buildings are the same stone buildings that the people used ages ago in the early days of the kingdom of Unda. And the food is all meat, due to the fact it is next to impossible to grow crops in the cold poles.

    Politics: Being one of the newest kingdoms, only existing for about thirty years and only having had one king, they are not very deep into global politics yet. But, from what they do have, they are the second most prosperous trade nations, after Unda. They are currently in hostilities with both Valetudo and Unda, and are so new they don’t have any allies yet. Things are a little less hostile with North Glacies than with South, though most of the population is in the South.

    Religion: About half of the people in Glacies have slowly been switching Elementalism to Creationism over the past 30 years to further divide Unda and Glacies.

    Other: North Glacies has been attacked more frequently by Unda than South Glacies, and thus many people have fled to the southern half of the Kingdom, making the long trek still refusing to leave their homeland.
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The Basics of Glacies
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