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Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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 Haruna Jun Lei

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Haruna Jun Lei

Haruna Jun Lei

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The Basics

Name: Haruna Jun Lei
Age: 17
Element: Wind
Classification: Apprentice
Birth Kingdom: Terra
Home Kingdom: Terra


Playby: n/a
Appearance: Haruna is a tall young woman, standing 5'9". Even if she hadn't spent much of her growing years subsiding on war-time rationing, she would be slender. Now, she is gaunt, with stringy muscles. Haruna's one crowning feature is her long, straight brown hair, which she cherishes more for its symbolic value than any true lustre. She keeps it back with a series of loose bands most of the time, but rarely wears it pinned up.

Her face is as gaunt as the rest of her, with hollow cheek-bones, a sharp nose, a wide, tall forehead, and a pointed, nearly chiselled jaw. Some might call her plain, while others might call her mannish. Her appearance is not helped by her scowl, which threatens to etch lines around her thin lips even at her young age. Haruna has warm, brown eyes and a sprinkling of freckles over her cheeks and nose. She also has a freckling of scars across her body from gravel shrapnel she took during an accidental friendly attack near the end of the war.

Haruna wears simple clothing with a a close fit, though she does keep some possessions from Temple life on her person. She keeps a decorative grey rope -- indicative of her Wind control -- wound like a sash over one shoulder, pinned with a bridge-and-mountain broach that denoted the Elementalism Temple where she was raised. She also keeps a comb carved from a hardy shell embedded in her hair at the back of her head, which was a gift from her mother and remains a personal symbol of hope to her.


Personality: It's difficult to say that Haruna would be any lighter and more innocent without the things she witnessed throughout her childhood. It's likely that she would always have been a observant, discerning woman, concerned with details and with a penchant for justice. Even when she was quite young, the girl preferred games of cooperation to competition, and when forced to compete, derided cheating with such a passion that her more ambitious peers denounced her as a spoil sport.

Haruna is still young, but she is soured by the things that she has seen and had to do. She is distrustful of other human beings. She harbours a great resentment for the war between Terra and Ignis in general, as well as an inability to comprehend why it started or how it dragged on her entire life. She does not necessarily loathe Ignisions on principle, as her training at the Temple prepared her for what we might describe as a Daoist outlook on life: Things and people are what they are, and things will be as they will be. So while she struggles with human nature -- how is it that humans can be so wretched? -- she does not ascribe the attacks on Terra as a particularly Ignis-specific behaviour. She has witnessed enough horror on the Terran side of things to know that people react a certain way under certain pressures, so she's sure it's not a measure of culture.

Haruna has been put through the test of life or death more than once, so she has finely honed instincts about when to fight, when to speak up, when to disappear, or when to listen very, very carefully. She has a proclivity towards sour humour and bursts of rage, but she keeps these in check, especially around groups or strangers.

One aspect of Haruna that has come out the stronger from the war is her protective instinct. She has seen many who couldn't help themselves and she strongly believes that it's the duty of her, and others who are able-bodied, to help those in need. She is especially sensitive to the needs of orphaned children, having been one herself, so though she is not very old, she has an extremely strong community ethic. Left to her own devices, she spends much of her time patrolling a village, rooting out trouble, putting in hours of hard work wherever it is needed, and spending time with children. She is not by nature a loner, but she knows better than to trust others completely. Haruna trusts actions over words and so she gets on better with those who say less and do more.


  • Children - Haruna enjoys spending time with kids, and, like a pack of lost boys, when left to her own devices she might eventually pick up a few loyal followers to provide for and train. As it stands, when she stays in a village she often takes on the mantle of a sitter. She seems to provide a safe enough countenance that most kids are willing to speak with her, even those who have been damaged by war.
  • Meditation - Meditation provides a grounds for the mind to connect to the body, for the past to connect with the present, and for the elemental to connect with the mundane. It builds resolve, and though Haruna struggled to achieve a state of peace when she was younger, she was trained to strive for it when under stress. It's been a part of how she mentally survived the rigors of war, so it is very important to her.
  • Hunting - Perhaps not in the conventional sense, though Haruna is adept at skewering snakes and lizards that live in the shrubs outside of small canyon towns. Moreover, Haruna hunts for clues, looks for evidence, and takes great pleasure from putting puzzle pieces together. She is not as proficient at solving mysteries as she thinks she is, but she is more observant than many.
  • Drinking and Smoking - Haruna does both in moderation. Her Temple taught the use of particular combinations of hallucinatory herbs to induce a trance state, and occasionally Haruna will gather those that she needs to commune with the spirits. For her, drinking with local young adults is a way to take the edge off for a night from her past, but smoking is a private act to be shared only with trusted Temple members... and since Haruna hasn't met any others in two years, it's become a solely private activity.
  • Justice - Haruna can be a highly emotional person, so her version of justice may not be as pure or as searching as for one who was trained to officially seek it. Still, she tries, and she finds great satisfaction when a known criminal is brought to it.
  • Peace - Life in Terra is difficult enough without the worry of famine in the south and lingering military action in the north. Haruna petitions for a live-and-let-live attitude when she can. Vengeance does not suit her ideals.
  • Elementalism - Reared in an orphanage within an Elementalism Temple in Haikar, Haruna grew up surrounded by the religion. Her adoptive mothers, both strongly respected members of the Temple, ingrained Haruna and many of her peers with the morals of right and wrong, of community and belonging, of the wholistic inclusiveness of elements, spirits, humans and the planet. To Haruna, Elementalism means communing with her own Control and spending time contemplating how Wind interacts with and relates to all of the other elements. As she sees it, Creationism takes away the importance of the interconnectedness of humanity, which relieves consequence from action, which in turn drives ignoble actions on a person's part. This is all in theory, of course. She has been privy to some brutal behaviour on her own part, even as a young adult. She contemplates these inimical actions as a contrast to her ideals: No action without a considered reaction, no word without an accompanying gesture.
  • Horse Care - Though this is a practical concern more than a fanciful one, Haruna was trained in the saddle as a youth to deliver aid and messages along with her mothers and mentors, as part of the Temple's war relief assistance. She knows her way around the rugged horses and ponies needed to traverse dangerous canyon-sides and shifting, shale slopes of Terra. The fact that she inheritted a horse companion through the war certainly does help her appeal to the children she meets.


  • Violence - Though Haruna can be a violent person, this does not mean that she revels in it. She is partially trained in the use of polearms -- functionally similar to a domestic variant of the guan dao -- though most of her martial prowess comes from her ability to squirm out of a potentially dangerous situation. Haruna knows a little bit about what really hurts an enemy, but she would never use this information in any considered violence. She has to be pushed to a certain point to respond to the kind of viciousness that resides within her.
  • Self-Serving Tendencies - Thieves, layabouts, liars, and drunkards receive a very poor opinion from this woman. It will take all of the united effort of Terra to rebuild, and citizens that take only for themselves help nobody. Haruna knows first-hand how damaging the war has been to many people, and the trauma can be hard to beat for some, but she refuses to believe that one can withdraw from all of the work that still needs doing.
  • Talkers and Politics - Many of the villages in Terra were originally headed by well-trained, powerful element users, but many of those same leaders were killed in the war. Haruna has stumbled over villages being torn apart by the smooth-talking politicians that have taken over and have had no idea how to govern. She despises those with a silver tongue for that reason.
  • Lack of Control - Above everything else, Haruna hates being trapped in situations that are out of her control. She panics when she's physically trapped, and can be vicious when provoked in such a situation. She is deeply uneasy with the recent peace between Ignis and Terra, and she dreads the sensation of impending destruction to the rest of Terra. Though Haruna uses meditation, drinking and drugs on a regular basis to control her fears, she is so afraid of things beyond her control that she rarely stays in one place for long. Being on the move by herself gives her the impression of a self-propelled destiny. Commitment for more than a few weeks makes her anxious.

Elemental Strengths
  • Dampening - Haruna uses her wind powers with an unconventional twist inspired by her Earth controlling mother. She can cause the air about her to come to a complete stand-still, and can occasionally compress air out of a space. While the same control with earth would mean dragging dust to the ground, compressing dirt into stone or rattling soil from gravel, with air, Haruna has been able to snuff out candle lights en masse within her Temple's practice space as a youngster. Once, a few years before the war ended, she used this same ability to suffocate an attacker. She hasn't used it towards such grisly pursuits ever again.

Elemental Weaknesses
  • Movement - Haruna has little luck with moving the wind to her devices, even in tiny puffs of air. To her, Wind is a solid mass that blankets the land, not a collection of breezes. Lifting and dropping portions of a blanket over something is how she views her control.
  • Sound and Vision - Some humans possessing Wind control are able to carry sound or even visions to and from them. Haruna can't do this, though not for lack of trying. To her, Wind is a muffling force, not a conductive one.


Adoptive Mother - Kei Niva - Earth Master
Adoptive Mother - Tobi Yu Bei - Health Consular

Father - Unknown
Siblings - Several peers unrelated by blood, but treated as siblings.

Others - Meito - a horse


Early Years
Though many children were orphaned by the war, Haruna was brought to the Temple's orphanage two years before the war even began. There was some speculation on the parts of her mentors -- never discussed with her, of course -- that Haruna was the progeny of a Brother who broke her vows while combing Terra for Initiates. As an infant, Haruna was raised communally by her mentors, taught even from a young age of Elementalist myths and morals.

The war between Terra and Ignis began when she was two, well before Haruna can truly remember. The city of Haikar, where Haruna's Elementalist Temple resided, was a target for Ignis soldiers for many reasons: possessing docks, it was an important landing point for soldiers coming over from the islands or the mainland. It was a strategic location that, when held by Ignis, prevented Ramkarn from receiving important supplies from the north and the rest of the world. Moreover, Haikar was possessed of a wide variety of citizens, meaning that fighting was less fierce: those who wanted no part of the war either fled or surrendered.

The Temple, being of a similar religion to the Ignis majority, was safe from damage for several years, and Haruna was protected from much of the worst of the war by the ferocity of her adoptive mother, Kei. The same protection extended to all of the youngsters within the Temple, of course. Haruna had a relatively unspoilt early childhood, though with Ignis soldiers entering the temple on a regular basis for religious affirmation, and Terran locals seeking aid, there were bound to be scuffles. By the time that Haruna was ten, the war was everywhere, and it became obvious that the Temple was going to have to close its doors lest the violence in the streets and countryside pass its gates.

The War
Haruna, along with her adoptive siblings, were told to pack up their meagre belongings. It was time to leave the Temple. The Masters and Consules of the Temple had been working to divide all valuables and personel into groups, to disperse to meeting points around Terra. The very day that the Temple Masters had chosen to leave the city, Haikar came under heavy conflict by Terran forces attempting to free it from Ignis control. Fighting in the area soon escalated, and the Temple denizens were forced to flee. Haruna was witness to so bloodshed much in her first day escaping the city that she was shell-shocked. In the days that followed, Kei and Tobi, her mothers, did their best to lead their adoptive gaggle out of the city and into the countryside, but the conflict all throughout the landbridge was so fierce that they were waylaid and had to head north when the rest of the temple had hoped to convene in Ramkarn.

From there, it was impossible to cross the land bridge again, and all ships in the area were unwilling to cross Ignis territory for fear of their military fleet. The two Temple Masters decided to continue north, instead, to another Temple located in the interior of northern Terra. Haruna travelled with her family in a state of constant shock and disbelief. Living conditions at home had been fairly meagre, but out in the countryside, there was fighting and starvation and targetted attacks on civilians. Eight years of war had made a mess of everybody's lives at this point, and Haruna was coming to be desensitized by the lot of it.

Within a year, Haruna's family arrived at the northern Temple, and from there the war relief effort began in earnest, but here the attitude towards Ignis soldiers was deeply different. The Elementalists here trained their younger members to fight with weapons and with their controls, and Haruna learned under several weapons-masters how to wield a polearm, how to handle a horse under stress, and how to defend herself in dangerous situations. Tobi, a force for Health constantly sought out by villages in the area, continued trying to teach her gaggle about morality throughout the war, while Kei taught her children how to escape any grasping hands and how to fight back. It was a dysphoric combination that left Haruna confused and angry with the state of her country.

The temple was attacked when Haruna turned fourteen, for Ignis soldiers had discovered that the temple was being utilized by Terran guerrilla fighters. The invasion was brutal, beginning with a firebombing and ending with soldiers routing out survivors from the warrenous throughways built into the canyon ages ago. While Haruna was certain that some of her family escaped -- Tobi was away on a mission, for example -- she stayed behind because several of her friends and family had been badly burned. Kei held off several soldiers while Haruna attempted to help other temple members to safety. Along the way, Haruna was blocked and a fight broke out. It is here that she used her control to snuff the life of her attacker, but not before she had exhausted all of her other options, had lost two of the five members she was helping due to the reckless elemental use on her attacker's part, and had been pushed into a literal corner with nowhere to go.

The rest of the night was spent travelling as far and as fast as Haruna was able to with her charges. The nearest village had been burned and routed out, and on the way to the next nearest, another of her charges died of her wounds. Finally, Haruna arrived in Tellansho, the village that Tobi was engaged in, carrying one of her charges on her back and leading the other. Though one of them was eventually healed, the second succumbed a few days later. Haruna was scarred by the experience though her mother and the rest of the village deemed her a hero.

From fourteen to sixteen, Haruna found herself dug deeper and deeper into the war. She helped villagers set up ambushes on patrols. She carried messages between villages and farms where Ignis activity was spotted. She was up to her neck in violence and she felt trapped by it. A part of her revelled in it, but the rest of her simply wanted out.

Haruna eventually found herself separated from the last of her Temple family. Tobi disappeared, captured by Ignis soldiers for her unique abilities. She never heard about Kei again after the night that she fled the northern Temple. Her siblings were either dead or hiding. Haruna was alone.

During the last half of the year, rumors of the end of the war began to spread, but the fighting was too ingrained at this point in the country-side where Haruna was living for anyone to really hope the rumors were true. Haruna fell in with a village that was doing better than its surrounding farmsteads, somehow avoiding much of the war. It felt like a breath of fresh air, but something felt wrong. As she began to investigate, she discovered that several of the guerrilla members she was working with were double-agents, of a sort. One, a friend who Haruna had come to rely upon -- was an Ignis soldier who seemed to have come over to the othe side. It was a difficult time: several of the traitors were true to Ignis, but the fellow that Haruna was certain would turn her in appeared to be telling the truth about his shifted allegiences. The young woman had no idea what to believe any more. On one fateful night, a fight broke out between visiting Ignis soldiers, the traitors, and the villag guerilla cell that was on the verge of discovery. The traitors were very nearly able to escape with information about the network of villagers, but they were killed along with the soldiers, in the end. Haruna's friend was kept as a prisoner, where he remained until the end of the war.

After the War
It's been a year since the war ended, but it will be many more before Terra recoups its grievous losses. Haruna escorted her Ignis prisoner and friend back to a point during a prisoner exchange, so while she temporarily seemed to have someone to rely upon, she's lost him, as well.

Now she wanders from village to village as she had done during the war, looking for some kind of resolution or reunion. She settles in for a few weeks at a time, doing work where it's needed. Rumors of relic hunting have not gone unnoticed on Haruna's part, however, she has yet to stumble over anyone who is actively seeking such an artifact. She hopes to be reunited with her mothers and family, somehow, but realistically Haruna knows this is very unlikely.


RP Sample:

If anybody noticed the rings of smoke floating skyward against the setting sun, originating from the low tussock on the side of the road, nobody stopped to look. Haruna was laying under the gnarled bark of a lone tree, her horse's reins tied loosely to the trunk. Staring up at the sky, eyes unfocused as she gazed through the rings she was making, the young woman allowed a familiar feeling of euphoria to settle in. It was a gentle embrace. When she was first introduced to the trance, she'd wanted to move with it. It had made her feel invulnerable.

Now she knew that, even in her state, she was far from indestructable. Blinking, she saw the dark, short-cropped hair of Kei, her mentor, her rock-solid mother who expected nothing but the best from the children she had helped to rear. The lines of her face were as fierce as her smile. "Mom," Haruna sighed, reaching her free hand up as if to reach the vision. The smoke dissipated. Kei vanished.

Haruna took a considered drag from the little roll of parchment she nestled in her occupied hand, ignoring the snort of her mount as she rolled the smoke around on her tongue. The spirits existed in every breath, and when Haruna inevitablly had to release this one, she saw more faces in the curling branches of smoke that escaped her body. Tobi, her second mother. Gai Hwan, her eldest brother and Gai Em, his twin. The faces of the other Temple Masters echoed amongst her family. The faces of countless others suggested themselves around the edges of it all.

Usually, these visions comforted the girl. Today she felt only an empty kind of sadness. The euphoria of the drugs she was using only served as a heavy blanket to muffle her heartache. She rolled over and put her stump out on the sole of her boot, and spent some time curled up on herself. The Sitting Stone was a familiar pose amongst Temple-goers. It was a pose of inward contemplation, but it meant something more intrinsic to Haruna when she was in this state. It felt like she was growing a shell so thick and strong that none of her memories could escape and leave her. It felt good... but ultimately only in the interim.

Eventually Haruna uncurled, flipping her long ponytail over her shoulder and picking dry twigs from it where it had come to a rest on the ground. The sun was down by now, and the heat of the day was quickly fading with it. "Meito, come." she turned to her mount, taking a moment to press her forehead against his and to scratch him under his halter where he liked it. "Let's get back to the village."

The village was a gathering of small houses that had accreted within the canyon walls, each possessing a fenced in flock of goats and sheep. Haruna led her mount into one of the fenced yards, putting her despondency aside when one of the village girls hurried up to greet her. "You'll be staying with us again tonight?" she asked, taking Meito's reins.

"One more night," Haruna replied, offering up a smile. "You need help with shearing, still."

"There's a new visitor," the girl, being happy to gossip, interjected.

Haruna paused for a moment on the threshold of the little household stable. "Who?" she asked. There were too many fresh memories in mind, and they were too real under the lingering influence of her trance.

"A man. He says he's from across the world!"

"He does?"

"He's wearing all black clothing. He's very quiet!"

"I'll imagine he is." Haruna felt a frisson of nerves arise, unrelated to the chill in the air. She didn't know much about the Brotherhood save that they dressed as the girl had described. Though they weren't linked with the lingering rumors of fighting in this region, Haruna was paranoid. It was always possible that there was some connection, and there were tales of members of the secretive society passing through this region as recently as a few weeks ago. Now one was in the village.

She didn't know whether she should take back Meito's reins so that she could head out into the solitude of the countryside, encroaching night be damned. It was too soon to say for sure, but she didn't like this sudden disruption to her shaky routine. "Which house is he staying at?"

"Uncle Fen's," the girl elucidated primly. Being a dispensor of gossip in a town as small as this was a prime privilege! "He took a meal with us and went to the loft. Nobody's seen him since the sun set."

Haruna frowned. "Thank you for telling me," she admitted, taking a moment to acknowledge the girl's efforts. The child's delight was enough to draw a genuine smile from her. "I think I might retire, too." Haruna said. "Would you like to curry Meito tonight?"

"Yes!" the girl exclaimed, practically snatching the comb from Haruna's hand.

Leaving Meito in such capable hands, Haruna ambled out of the stable, mind hard at work. Likely this man was looking for a place to stay for only an evening. She would have to do her investigations before the night ended, then. That thought in mind, the young woman veered from the path up to the girl's home, instead taking the beaten track along the sheep fold towards Uncle Fen's home. Her stomach churned, but through widely dilated eyes, she saw an opportunity to clarify a troubling rumor and to understand, perhaps more importantly, a bigger piece of the picture.

Alias: Dray

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Your request for a complete randomization has been granted.


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I'm ready for Haruna to be reviewed. Just have to draw a profile image, but I figure that that's incidental. Let me know if anything conflicts with lore that I may have missed?

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