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Welcome to Carista. We are an original fantasy roleplay forum set in the world of Carista -- a place where the eight different systems of control are divided across countries and oceans and blood. The systems of control are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Plant, Health and Time -- all given to humanity in ages past.

Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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 Beatrice LaCroix

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Beatrice Lacroix
Beatrice Lacroix

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Character Sheet
OOC: Kayla
Classification: Apprentice
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PostSubject: Beatrice LaCroix   Beatrice LaCroix I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 11, 2013 4:55 pm

The Basics

Name: Beatrice Lacroix
Age: 27
Element: Ice
Classification: Apprentice
Birth Kingdom: Unda
Home Kingdom: Unda


Beatrice LaCroix Tumblr_mgdifdluej1rzag1ko1_500
Playby: Kati Nescher


Personality: --This section must be at least 250 words--


  • Mauja -- An ice blue trident that was actually passed down from her grandfather to her eldest brother Romain for his twenty-first birthday, Beatrice stole it from the Lacroix vault when she decided to run away and join the Queen's Knights seeing as her brother never even touches it.


Elemental Strengths
  • Frost Infusion: [i]A trick she's trying to master to her advantage by imbuing the power of frost what ever it is she's holding (Most frequently the tip of Mauja, her trident) making it able to inflict frostbite to any flesh it touches or freezing other solid materials.

Elemental Weaknesses
  • Fire: Most of her skills are easily countered by a fire elemental user.
  • Liquid: She can't control ice that had already melted, and it takes her awhile to freeze scalding hot liquid.


Mother -
Anaïs Lacroix (née Anaïs Nothomb) - (Ice Consular) - Deceased
Father -
Olivier Lacroix - (Wind something) - 64
Siblings -
Romain Lacroix - (TBD) - 33 - Older Brother
Mathieu Lacroix - (TBD) - 31 - Older Brother
Théo Lacroix - (TBD) - 31 - Older Brother
Others -
Gregoire Nothomb - (Ice Consular) - Deceased - Grandfather
Anastasia Nothomb - (Plant Citizen) - Deceased - Grandmother
Horatio Lacroix - (Water Consular) - Deceased - Grandfather
Madeleine Lacroix - (Wind something) - 85 - Grandmother

One might think being born to a wealthy noble family would make life much, much easier. I was born, twenty-seven years ago to a prominent family from northern Unda, my mother was the town consular whereas my father is the sole heir to his father’s shipping company, Lacroix and Brothers. I have three older brothers, the eldest being Romain, a narcissistic, pompous ass whom I suspect–no, I’m quite sure is a sociopath, he’s currently next in line to spearhead the company, not that I care or anything, I suppose it’s not that bad of a predicament seeing as he’s actually the smartest in our family. And then there’s Mathieu and Théo, the twins that are basically carbon copies of themselves up ‘til they both hit eighteen, Théo began “soul searching” and left home to become a monk in Ventus... don’t ask... father was beyond pissed at him for converting and so was the rest of our family, but at the end of the day, it was something that he really wants to do and he had never looked happier, so we decided to just let him be what ever he wants. Mathieu, soon followed his twin’s footsteps to leave home, only, Mathieu preferred to seek answers in a different route, by living as an adventurer, I haven’t heard from him since he stepped his foot out of the manor, though a little bird told me he’s somewhere in the land of Ignis.

As for my parents... well they were distant, to say the least. My father’s way too busy with his work and trying to gain more money while my mother spent most of her time either in the capital city schmoozing the royal family or doing missionary work somewhere, my family had always been a loyalist, and it dates back to my great great grandmother’s era.

My brothers and I are all privately tutored at home, our parents thinks it’s what differentiates the riffraffs and the elite. So a few times a week, three old dudes would come up north and teach us things like mathematics, religion, foreign languages, literature and so on. We also got lessons to harness our elements once we got older, father thinks it’s unheard of for noble ladies to study combat so I was left out most of the time. I remember excelling in foreign languages and politics though, since those are really the only lessons I’m actually looking forward to every week. I am, to this day can proudly say I can speak five of the seven known languages in the world, Caristian being one of them, obviously, other than that I’m also fluent in Enish and Terran, I can speak in Valu and Ignis too though not as well versed as the others.

I remember my powers developed a few weeks before my Mother’s disappearance (Which I will tell you about in a bit). It was a cold day and I noticed that the water in my goblet started to freeze and I begin getting weird dreams accompanied by high fevers, my body temperature was dropping and amidst all the panic, my mother knew exactly what was going on, she told me I had probably inherited her powers and that soon I will be able to control the power of Ice. I gotta say, I was very excited at the prospect and I wanted to get out of bed as soon as possible to start playing with my powers, you see, I was born and raised in a port town on the northernmost part of Unda, and just a few miles north of the sea is northern Glacies land, so we get really cold winters and relatively cool summers, I was, a child of snow, and my newfound powers just proved it even more.

A few weeks later, my mother was one of the passengers on board of a ship patrolling the northern border when those scumbag glaciens decided to attack, in which although she survived, she was taken as a hostage. No one knew what really happened that day and although we suspected it was the Glaciens, it was ruled off as a shipwreck until a few months later the Undan navy found a frosted coffin with my mother’s dead body in it floating aimlessly in the northern sea. Back then I didn’t think that all Glaciens are bad, even though they betrayed us by leaving, it’s more of a political situation, but this just fueled my hatred towards them. I vowed to someway avenge my mother’s death.

It was a shock for everyone in the family, we were but teenagers back then and we didn’t think it’d happen, it was the first time I saw my father cried, he was so depressed that he’d lock himself in his bed room for a month. Romain, being the eldest had to suck it up and temporarily stand in for our father, while Théo had a massive breakdown, Mathieu and I were in charge of the houseworks, or rather, we were in charge of managing the maids and butlers DO the houseworks, making sure everything runs the way it should be.

Fast forward a few years, after my seventeenth birthday (at this point both Mathieu and Théo had already left home), I saw a recruiter for the queen’s knights in the town square, he had an air of mystery and wisdom around him, the way he talks and the way he walks intrigued me, he was nothing like most men in my town, I’m not sure if I was attracted to him, but I surely had an instant respect for the man, he looks like he’s in his late twenties yet his eyes seemed as if he had lived for a hundred years. I approached him, enquiring more information about the Queen’s Knights, at first he looked down on me, as if he’s telling me I’m not a good fit for the ranks, admittedly, that day I was wearing a very feminine looking sateen dress and was accompanied by Titine, my hand maiden. He refused to recruit me, then but told me to think it over, he also told me that the year long training would be brutal and that not many would officially be recruited into the ranks, but if I do decide to enroll in the program, I should meet up with the other trainees at the port the day after right before dusk.

I know if my father hears this he would lock me in my room, never to see the light of day again, that evening I ate supper in silence, not saying a word to my father nor Romain, I had spent the entire afternoon at the chapel, praying to the spirits whether I should go and finally get the slight chance of avenging my mother of if I should stay with my family and live with the burden of knowing I just made the greatest mistake of my life. I excused myself from the table, stating that I wish to retire early. My father had a troubled look on his face, and asked if I need to see a healer, I declined politely and told him that I was just really tired. Come midnight, I snuck our of my room making sure everyone’s asleep, I slipped back to my room and took out a suitcase from under my bed. I was packing when my door creaked open, I stopped what I was doing and just froze, until I heard my handmaiden’s voice “Milady, please tell me you’re not doing what I think you’re doing...” she said weakly, “Titine, I must go” I sighed, thanking the spirits it wasn’t my brother or worse, my father. I turned and made my way to the girl standing at the doorway “I really do thank you for all your help these past years, but I need to do this” I continued, Titine stopped me before I had the chance to close my bedroom door, “If so, then at least let me help you pack your belongings, milady” she hurriedly beelined to my wardrobe, I gave her a quick smile and changed my clothes.

By the time my hand-maiden finished packing, I was already sitting in my boudoir wearing a powder blue waistcoat over a embroidered white men’s shirt I “borrowed” from Romain paired with my brown jodhpurs I usually wore for horse riding and also a brown brogues also “borrowed” from Romain that was clearly oversized. “Tomboyish, if I do say so myself” I awkwardly joked to which Titine replied with a smile. She led me through the back door, passing the maid’s quarter where she gave me a loaf of bread and a flask of water for the journey, I hugged her and gave her five silver pieces from my own savings and ran outside, leaving her and my home for what I thought would be forever. I made my way to the vaults under a shed in our family’s property, and broke in with the right combination I remembered from observing my father and older brothers a handful of times and hastily ran through the towering shelves, when I finally found it, Mauja.

Mauja is sort of a Lacroix family heirloom, it is an icy blue trident decorated with blue tourmalines, it was actually handed down to Romain, the eldest, but evidently, he has next to zero interest in it and chooses to lock it in the family vault, it wouldn’t be stealing if it’s family property would it? I took the spear in my hand and dusted it a little, it looked as if it’s gleaming with joy as I hold it. I made a quick stop half way out of the vaults, pocketing a few pieces of gold, silver and bronze, just in case.

I got to the dock just in time as the other trainees arrived, we signed our name and got into the boat, there were more or less nine people there, three of which are girls, including myself and the rest are guys, everyone seemed to be around my age, if not slightly older. Just as the female recruiter started doing roll calls, I heard a very familiar voice, shouting to wait for her, all of us jumped to the side of the boat trying to see who it was, and to my surprise, it was Titine, running towards the boat with an old suitcase and a bow strapped on her back, she gasped for air as she got on the boat and introduced herself “M-my name is C-Christine Rousseau, I am seventeen years old and I’m here for the training program” she said between her heaving for air.

The training was strenuous and very competitive, from the ten trainees, two dropped out and one was kicked out for breaking a series of rules, meanwhile Titine–or rather, Christine and I bonded quickly, she was no longer my hand maiden, but an ally. We faced a lot of hardships during the training to the point of almost giving up, but somehow the instructors thought we were the most improved in our group and we passed most of the lessons with nearly perfect scores, I was finally able to master Mauja, while Christine excelled in long ranged combats with her bows and arrows. By this time, we were able to pair our weapons with our elemental abilities, for example I can freeze the tips of Mauja, making it more powerful with it’s frostbite inducing blows and Christine was able to guide and hastened her projectiles with wind.

Days turned into months and before we knew it, our “graduation” is coming closer. We were at our final training session, which is naval battles when the Glaciens ambushed us, at first we thought it was part of the training until we realized their projectiles are real. Our instructors commanded us to flee into the cabin while they fend off the enemy with barrages of ice blasts and flaming arrow showers. Christine ran to the deck thinking she could help deflecting the frozen cannon balls with her powers (She was basically the only wind elemental trainee back then, most of us are either of Water, Ice or health elements) the first and second attempt was successful but alas, she was, like most of us trainees are not strong enough to fully unleash our powers, as she tried to fend the third cannon ball, it failed, only fumbling it for a split second before it hit her in the chest, crushing her rib cage and subsequently killing her. I watched as the only loyal friend I had ever known perish right before my eyes. I screamed her name and ran outside, not caring whether it was safe or not, and right about when the hurling ball of ice was about to hit me an instructor deflected it with a slash of his wind imbued arm, practically screaming at me to get back inside. I dragged Christine’s now lifeless corpse, frantically begging someone to heal her but to no avail. Two days later the remaining six of us graduated and were officially ascended into knighthood and vowed to serve the royal family with our lives. I stared at the empty spot next to me that was originally reserved for Christine and made a personal pact with myself to avenge not only my mother but also my dear friend.

As the years passed I could feel the old me is slowly slipping away from me, I am no longer the same Beatrice as I was back then. I had earned the respect of my comrades, and I am loyally serving my queen and fulfilling any whims she had. I had became merciless to those who threatened my kingdom and I would gladly slay anyone who comes in her majesty’s way. I became proud of my achievements, although I might not be proud of the lives that I’ve took.

Alas, I am but a mere knight.

((word count: 2,338))


RP Sample:
Quote :
Albert Camus once said “And never have I ever felt so deeply at one and the same time so detached from myself and so present in the world.” and that pretty much summed up how Blythe was feeling that day. He exists and he's physically there, but he's not fully there. Blythe took his time as he paced the somewhat crowded brooklyn sidewalks. His head was clearly up in the sky, trying to recall the vaguely strange dream he had the night before “Did the rabbit came out of the fire or.. was the rabbit actually the fire?” he mused. Blythe pushed open the industrial looking door, leading him into the BBW Studios reception area, where he nodded to the distant looking receptionist as he walked passed him. The office isn’t too crowded yet seeing as it’s not even close to office hours, Blythe liked it, sort of like a sense of calmness before the rush kicks in.

The boy nonchalantly strolled on to the pantry taking a seat on one of the big leather couches in the smoking area. Pushing his brown messenger bag towards himself, Blythe dug inside looking for a pair of headsets which he then plugged onto his phone, swiping and tapping on the glass screen until he found the playlist he’s looking for. He took a sip of his coffee from the to-go-cup that he had bought at that little coffee shop on the ground floor of the building, the one people said it reminded them of the one on that hit television series a few years ago, the one with Jennifer Anniston and Matthew Perry.

Morrissey's Moon River streams from his headset while he lit up a cigarette, the smoke rises smoothly as he takes a deep breath and then letting out a sigh as nicotine seeps into his lungs, into his veins, into his brain... There’s something about that first cigarette in the morning that makes you a little high, it helps him relax. Blythe rested his head on the backrest of the couch, and blew smoke rings when someone suddenly enters the room...

A/N: Recycled from an open thread I made on an old site with minor tweaks.

Alias: Kayla

Application made by Vulcan of RPG-D specifically for Carista. Remove this credit and you will be eaten by teenage mutant ninja walrus.

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Beatrice has been blessed as an....

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Admission Clean-Up

This application was posted a significant time ago. Please respond within two weeks signifying that you still wish you work on this character or the thread will be archived. Thank you!
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This character has been marked as Inactive via registry clean-up. All randomizations are here by forfeit as the character was not yet complete. If you would like to reapply, please create a new character application with the same account.
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Beatrice LaCroix
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