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Welcome to Carista. We are an original fantasy roleplay forum set in the world of Carista -- a place where the eight different systems of control are divided across countries and oceans and blood. The systems of control are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Plant, Health and Time -- all given to humanity in ages past.

Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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 The World

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Element Control:
    Every person in the world of Carista has the ability to control one of the eight Elements -- Time, Fire, Ice, Plant, Water, Rock, Wind, and Health. No one knows just how their kind were blessed with such gifts or even if the control was something that was always given to them. The only link to the answer lies in a relic spoke of only in the oldest of legends from ages past. Wherever the control came from, the people of the world have flourished and advanced in their control of each System to the point where classifications have been assigned to different levels of power and skill -- Citizen, Apprentice, Consular, Master, Grand Master and Blessed.

    Much of the world is filled with Citizens and Apprentices making up the general majority. The power of these classifications usually have a limited range as well as a limited amount of control. For example, a Wind Citizen might be able to summon slight gusts for a few seconds and a Time Apprentice might be able to slow time down for a few seconds within ten feet of their person.

    A Consular is a great honor bestowed unto those who have taken great dedication to the learning of their Element. With the title Consular, social class of higher standing than before is often rewarded. Nearly every village and town has a Consular that serves the ruling body, or serves as the ruling body if so be it. A Consular has significantly more control than an Apprentice. For instance, a Health Consular might be able to mend broken limbs and completely cure colds within an hour where as a Citizen might be more suited for small cuts and bruises.

    A Master and Grand Master are two titles that few ever see, let alone achieve. These individuals are a gift to towns they pass through as they are seen as the most wise of teachers, protectors, and many other things. It is not uncommon for a Master or Grand Master to be the ruling justice of an entire area. In addition to the social status, power is associated with these classifications. A Plant Master might be able to command a large tree's roots to extend from the ground and move, fighting the typical actions of nature. A Earth Grand Master would be able cause landslides, earthquakes over nearly half a mile, and even manipulate earth a great distance from themselves. Often with Masters and Grand Maters, their ability to control small amounts of their element is greatly diminished.

    The Blessed are the most rare in the world, with such extreme and perfect control over a seemingly unnatural amount of power that no single person dare rival their skill. It is only by mass of numbers that they can be overwhelmed. It takes many years of study to achieve this classification. The Blessed has a large amount of power, but are still not God. A Fire Blessed would be able to start a wildfire with a snap and even manipulate the fire of other Controllers. A Time Blessed would be able to even stop time for minutes for nearly a mile around them. Like Grand Masters and Masters, their control over small uses of the elements is weakened.

Element Appearance:
    Elements of Control are passed down through blood of the parents, with the Mother's tending to be more influential. Which means that the Element of the Parent should be passed directly down to the child, especially if the parents share an element. However, the Elements over the course of history, for whatever reason, began appearing in pairs. The child of two Water parents sometimes came out wielding control over Ice, and that wasn't the extent of it. Water to Ice, Fire to Air, Plant to Earth, and Health to Time. While these parings appeared, in many ages past, the string of Time Control seemed to vanish with it. Once, the Kingdom of Tempus spanned nearly pole to pole with only a few outskirts staying free, for who could battle an army who could freeze time and a powerful line of Blessed Kings and Queens would could turn it back? However, the appearance and development of the pairings seemed to whittle away Time, and those Powerful Kings and Queens then gave birth to what seemed like a never ending line of children who Controlled Health. Thus, the mighty Kingdom of Tempus withdrew from the world as it's armies grew old and died, and became the Health Kingdom of Valetudo. Now, any combination of Elelements has the slight possibility of producing a child that Controls Time, but most of all, Health.

    Religion in Carista is the only way the people have thus far found an answer to the inconceivable questions as to why they are here and what they were meant to do and how did they come about in the first place. There are many theories and many practices around Carista, but there are few that are more popular than Elementalism, Creationism, and the general lack of any faith whatsoever.

    Elementalism is the belief that the elements are in the world to guide the people, and that the answer to anything can be found simply by looking within at one's own element for guidance. Meditation is very common with Elementalism as are ceremonies done by the Shamans of this faith. Elementalists also believe that pure elemental power always exists around them in the form of spirits. It is not uncommon for Spirits to be looked to for guidance during meditation. Many people in Unda specifically pray to these spirits before setting off on a trip.

    Lore of Elementalism -- In the Age of Beginnings, it is said that Carista was covered in Earth and only Earth. Through time, the land began to dry up and turn to dust and so the Earth moved together with monumental force and created the Relic. The Relic allowed the Earth to open itself and let any and all water pour from it. From the Earth came Water. Together, the Water and Earth overwhelmed each other and the Earth was finally consumed by water and so, from Earth came Fire that erupted from the depths of the new ocean and formed new land. However, the Fire did not stop. Thus, the waves of the ocean chilled and created Ice to calm and subdue the Fire and Wind came from the movement of the waves to give it hope of life. This new land born of Fire and Earth and Water was then stable but lifeless and dull, and thus, from it was born Plant to enrich the world. From this new enriched world came life and thus the Element of Health. And all that was left was Time -- which was the beginning of being. It is from these Elements and the Power of the Ancient Relic that people came to be, and it is to the elements that people will become.

    Creationism comes from the idea that the world of Carista was the creation of some higher power. Priests and monks train themselves in the stories of the Age of Myth and find true contact with the Creator in order to know his true desires and wishes of the world.

    Lore of Creationism -- It is said that first the elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water were created, but they were out of control and violent. Thus, the Creator made humans in his own image so that they might tame the violent nature of the elements. When the Creator saw that the elements were by nature violent and the humans could not calm them alone, he created four more elements to help calm the tides of destruction -- Ice, Plant, Health, and the element of Time to see the damage that could become the present. However, Carista was too far gone into destruction and so the Creator sent his son down with a Relic to control all the elements. With this Relic, the son of the Creator reversed time and calmed the elements within people. It is said that the people in the Age of Legends built a temple to honor the Creator's son, and in that temple the Relic still remains.

    The Lack of Religion comes from the pride in the world of today and the belief is something logical happened in the past and people simply evolved from that. Whether it be aliens from a different world, humankind come from the future to set a world into motion, or simple evolution by means of logic. The Elements are the Elements -- who is to say that controlling them is more special than breathing? It's natural.

    The technology in this world varies slightly from Kingdom to Kingdom. However, there are a few things that apply no matter which Kingdom you are in. There is no form of electricity, and therefore no electronic devices. Simple machinery is in use, as is running water made possible by Water Controllers and basic engineering. Heated water is not, however, except in very rich homes. Clocks are made possible by people that control Time alone and are highly sought after devices.

Military Information:
    Guns and the likes are not common use in Carista. Instead of a Unit in the Army going in guns blazing, they work together with their elements to cause destruction -- wildfire, avalanche, collapsing trees, ice bolts, etc. Simple machinery can be in use, such as pulley systems and trebuchets.

    Members of the Fire System do have some simple types of guns. With a small projectile (ball of iron, what have you), certain members can use their Control to set off a small explosion in the gun to fire the projectile. Not all Fire Controllers can create this explosion, and fewer in a consistant manner. The rich may have a servant of the Fire System that has this ability. In such a case, the servant would prepare the gun and trigger the explosion when their master calls for them to. This is used purely for sport.

    In terms of the navies, the ships are wooden and many without cannons and thus it is up to the people on board to provide the attack power. However, some ships do have Fire Controllers on board to create the explosions needed to use a cannon. The Navy of Ignis has cannons on every ship, while the navies of other Kingdoms are less likely to have them. The Navy of Terra has no cannons, as they believe the they could be used against them by the people of Ignis.

    Weapons preferred tend to hover around daggers and poisons. Swords are slightly in use, depending on the area and elements controlled. The higher the classification, the less likely they would reply on physical weaponry, and vice versa.

    The economy of this world is based off the coin, usually made of metal. The transactions are these:

    100 Bronze = 1 Silver
    10 Silver = 1 Gold

    Generally, most families make a few bronze a day, which pays for food and other necessities. The middle class can sometimes get an upward paycheck of a silver per month, paying for basic necessities with money left to spare. The richer ones can gain gold, which will provide a family food for nearly three years. And then a person who has a platinum coin has enough money to get across the world and start a new life in riches.


    This is the known world of Carista. North Glacies past the map's borders is a thick forest that is endless and thus never ventured more than two days inward. South Glacies is just the tip of a massive glacier that extends as far as the eye can see. A traveler would likely die their first night out past civilization. The people of Carista believe the world to be flat, as the water never ends past the Eastern and Western continents.

    The World Carista_NationColors_Opacity31_650x325

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    The World
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