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Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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 Callum Wright

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Callum Wright


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PostSubject: Callum Wright   Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:57 am

The Basics

Name: Callum Wright
Age: 37
Element: Wind
Classification: Citizen
Birth Kingdom: Ignis
Home Kingdom: Ignis


Playby: Damian Lewis
Appearance: Call is a reasonably tall man, but not so much that it would cause him to stand out in any way. In fact, he is right at average for the general population of Ignis. What does cause him to stand out a bit more than some is his fiery red hair that is always meticulously done in a seemly messy fashion.


Personality: Callum is manipulative, but in a very sweet way. The war between Terra and Ignis ravaged both countries and devastated families, and when it began years ago, Call was determined that it would not do the same to his family. Him and his brother Sebastian thus joined the rebellion. That group of a determined men and women changed him and his brother in unbelievable ways. Once, Call was a quiet man who would give his arm and leg if he thought it would help someone. Now, however, he uses that natural demeanor of his to fool those Loyalists of Queen Julianna into aiding those they hate and also to urge neutral parties to join the rebellious cause. In any way possible, he twists his words, letting them float in the air between him and his target, letting doubts and questions begin to seed in their minds.

Though much of his time is just spent talking with people and watching them, he gives a great deal of effort into the rebellion. He loves the thrill of the chase, the chance that he might be caught, and the adrenaline that comes with the trickery and lies he throws so calmly into the faces of Loyalists. Those feelings also tend to shift to other parts of his life as well, especially when it comes to dealing with woman. He loves the trill he gets from chasing them, especially when they play hard to get. The married ones are even more fun, for that feeling of right that goes with doing something so wrong is absolutely delicious and so very fulfilling. Though, there is a negative side that comes with these desires in Call; though he often means well, seeing how every person he manipulates he does so because he convinces himself it helps the Rebellion, it is a completely different story with women. Rarely is there a woman he respects honestly and truly. One of those few people is his mother and the other is his sister. Both are very intelligent women and both earned his trust long ago.

Callum's family is very important to him. Sebastian and he are very close, as are Callum and his parents and his older sister. He feels the need to be very protective of them all, even though they could all very easily take care of themselves. If his family were to be threatened, his calm demeanor that he has so polished from the lies and manipulation done daily would surely crumble to be replaced by the ferocity of a caged animal newly freed.

Beneath everything he is, Callum is generally a disorganized, messy, but loyal person of the Rebellion of Ignis. His heart is in the fight to remove Queen Julianna from her disgusting throne of lies, and he will fight for that until he dies or she does. While many people of the Rebellion agree with him, some do wish to only see her from the throne. In addition to working with the other Rebels, he must also fight them in the same sense to get what he knows to be right done.


  • Family -- Not only his biological family, but his family in rebellion. They have all grown so close over the years and now they are his support and his world.
  • Toying with people -- It's too much fun just to see how far he can get people to bend.
  • Women -- They tease and tantalize. A woman who has the flirting skills of a master of lies is one of the few people who can catch his attention and actually hold it of their own desire to.


  • Queen Julianna -- She destroyed much of Ignis in her blind, pathetic, and selfish war. The woman must be stopped before she does something even worse.
  • Loyalists -- Callum hates them just as he does their bitch Queen. Many Loyalists are blind, puppy dog type followers, not even knowing whom they follow or why. It's disgusting.
  • Over Organization -- Things often go better when the instinct of a person and the gut reactions drive someone, rather than the over scheduled people who cling so tightly to something that it can barely breathe.

Elemental Strengths
  • Stepping Winds -- Callum often uses the Wind as a stepping stone to give him a little boost when he might not quite make a jump. He learned this skill as a child and still makes use of it today.
  • Whispers -- As a member in the rebellion, this skill has come to be more than useful. He can send whispers over a short distance through the wind to land on a particular set of ears.

Elemental Weaknesses
  • Sustained Winds -- Though he has control over the wind, he has never been able to master the ability to prolong it's use.
  • Large shows of power -- Manipulating the wind into thin and finely controlled gusts comes easily, in a sense, to Callum. However, walls of wind and other large shows of power are especially difficult.



Callum was born on an island near the land bridge of Terra, the small land space of that bridge making the population fluctuate like mad with all the travelers. What could've been a small town with the actual population of people living there full time turned into a large city that spanned the entirety of the land bridge simply to accommodate the people going from the southern end of Terra to the northern end. Because of this massive travel route, the volcanic island just to the south of this place in Terra also grew, becoming the "off the tracks" place to visit for travelers. So, in a sense, the island became almost like a tourist trap for Terran wishing to pass over the massive city at the bridge and instead ferry around the trouble. Not only did they avoid the dirty, loud crowds, but they got to see a beautiful Ignis island. It was in this tourist trap of an island that Callum was born and raised.

His childhood was nothing all that spectacular. He was raised around people, and loved every moment of it. While his brother was a quiet one, three years his junior, Callum and his older sister loved and thrived in the busy tourism of their island. In fact, the siblings started a little lemonade stand right outside the city beside a paved road that lead to the island's volcano. The guards that patrolled loved the Wright siblings, for they received free lemonade, and the tourists thought the set of red headed children were simply adorable. Sebastian, a blonde in their otherwise red headed family, often sank into the background while Callum and Ashleigh dealt with the people.

Their days were filled with their little "business" and soon, schooling. All three siblings worked with their mother and father, though more so their father, in regards to all of their studies. It was bland work, but the children enjoyed the subjects to some extent, especially when they could apply some practical skills to their little lemonade stand. But as much as they loved their lives, they had to grow up sometime. Ashleigh was sent away to serve as an apprentice to a seamstress when she was but 14, and Callum soon earned work as a messenger in the busy city streets. The twelve year old was able to climb buildings and race across rooftops, his precious letters clutched in his hands. He ended up being rather useful as a message boy, so much so, that the Royal Guards assigned to his island used him to send messages and orders to their superiors as his feet ran faster and with more fire than that of their own men.

By the time he was sixteen, he had abandoned his little lemonade business to his little brother and began carrying more letters across farther distances, sometimes to some relatively higher ups in the Ignis military, there uniforms so decorated and flashy to the teenager that he practically drooled on their shiny shoes. The men took an instant liking to the young boy, however, and kept him coming around. Some told him to join, to get his own uniform, to join them and work along side the brave men and women of the military. After awhile, Callum asked his mother if he could join the military when he was old enough. Sour faced, his mother forbade him from ever doing so. The cold words from his mother set her son off in a fit, frustrated that his own mother wouldn't even consider it. At the time, he blamed his mother and knew that she just didn't want him to be happy. Years later he would discover that his grandfather was a military higher up and and had abandoned his family for his career. In actuality, his mother was very much looking out for him, but to the teen, she was simply pout to get him.

It was only a few weeks before his eighteenth birthday that he ran away from home. Callum had begged his brother to go with him, but he would not. And so Callum went alone to a captain of the guard that was serving on his island. The man offered him work as their messenger boy, just as promised, which pleased the young Wright lad very much. However, the months that followed were nothing like he thought they would be. Where he was once a respected lad, well liked for his honesty and good attitude, the moment he put on a uniform, people stepped all over him. The meals he was given weren't fit for livestock and the bed he was assigned was in a large room with dozens of other men, the mattress hard and the man that slept above was a large one. Every night he turned to sleep, he was fearful that he wouldn't wake the next morning and that they would find his both smothered by the fat man. Thankfully, he never was.

Callum stuck with the military, thinking things would get better, that they would realize his talents and he would move up in the world. After two years, however, nothing changed for the better and so Callum deserted the military. No one thought anything of it as he left the base, he was only the messenger boy after all. However, by the time he returned home, the military had already been there searching for him. As their lowly little messenger, they assumed he knew all of the secrets of Ignis and thus wanted him found. Thankfully they left his family alone, but positioned a man outside his house. Alone, he survived, barely, on the outskirts of the tourist town he once called home for nearly two weeks. He had wandered aimlessly and found himself stumbling upon the site of the Wright Siblings' old lemonade stand. Where the once poorly crafted wood stand once sat, there was now a simple but finely crafted pavilion. Apparently his brother never lost faith or passion for their little business and thus it had grown. Sebastian, at the sight of his brother, ushered him quickly into the back of the "stand" itself, questions flying out his mouth.

The brothers conversed for a time before they decided on a plan. Sebastian, only 18, had opened a second drink stop on the other side of the volcano that was significantly more popular, and he needed help. They shaved Callum's head and he began growing a beard, going by the name Sean, Sebastian's cousin. Surprisingly, it worked at keeping Callum out of the hands of the military. Then again, the military had some more concerning things on their mind.

When Callum was 21, a group of Terran terrorists attacked the the royal city of Ignis, the Queen barely escaping the attack as she toured the kingdom to see her people. Outraged at the attack on his country, all negative feelings towards the military vanished as an overwhelming sense of pride overtook him for his Kingdom. That is, until the draft began. Since his island was so close to a major Terran city, the Queen "asked" for help from the people living there. Callum had to hear from his brother how they had dragged their sister from her home to serve the military, anger rushing through him. She was unwed, childless, and the eldest and thus expected to serve. It didn't help her case that she was an Apprentice while her brother's were Citizens. Furious at the draft, Callum watched helplessly as his friends and neighbors were taken from their home. Gone was his sense of pride for his Kingdom.

Unsure of what to to, him and his brother poured themselves into the drink shops. However, with the war business was at a standstill. Thus, Callum returned to his former work as a messenger, though this time for private hire. While on runs, he began to overhear talk of a Rebellion. Following those whispers on the wind, he took more and more messenger jobs, sending word back to his brother over the Wind. Finally, Callum found himself face to face with a man of the Rebellion, Jonathan. An older gentleman, Jonathan welcomed Sebastian with open arms into the Rebellion. The brothers were excited for the concept, though the Rebellion was much less organized than they thought. There were power in numbers, they were told, and without a solid member base, they had nothing. So Callum, being a sociable person, was sent out into the cities to recruit.

He changed in the cities, from a passionate young man who only wanted his sister out of the Queen's clutches, to a clever man who could twist his words to make people believe what he wanted them to. When he found Loyalists, he planted little whispers in their ear about their partner, that they were bing betrayed to some extent. Not only did he recruit, but he took down people who supported the Queen along the way. He grew, and fast, in the Rebellion. They became extensions of his family and he of theirs. Though he did not know the true leader of the Rebellion, no one did, Jonthan led his section and well. Over the years, Callum moved up in the ranks. He sent messages over the Winds, usually to his brother on the other end, and corrupted Loyalists, started bar fights in Loyalist inns, and chased the skirts of women who happened to walk before him when he was without a solid task at hand. With his age, respect for women lessened except for in a few rare cases, and his gut instinct began to rule him. The Rebellion was run on passion, after all.

Now, at 37, he serves his section of the Rebellion well and is determined to find his ways to Queen Julianna herself. A quick tongue serve him well and his personality allows him into the arms of many people, though he has not yet been able to pass for someone of higher standing to get close enough to the Queen or people she holds dear. If given the opportunity, however, he would plunge his dagger into her chest without a second thought.

Mother - Melanie Wright, 63, Fire Citizen
Father - Adam Wright, 63, Wind Consular
Brother - Sebastian Wright, 34, Fire Citizen
Sister - Ashleigh Wright, 39, Fire Apprentice


RP Sample:
Quote :
With his eyes shut tight, Finn concentrated on thinking about, well, anything that wasn't the tossing, turning, violent ocean that seemed to throw the giant ship around like a child's toy. He was supposed to travel on that toy. A bubbling came from his stomach as it clenched inside him. All of the training for espionage, assassinations, emotional control, all of it was being put to good use -- keeping him from doubling over and losing the contents of is stomach onto the dock. He'd much rather swim. His mind was forced to think about the contents of his bag or reciting the Kings of Ventus internally over drifting back to the crashing waves. Damnit. With a groan, his stomach protested the thoughts of the waves. Fists clenched at his sides, Finn closed his eyes and began a going over his tasks from the King. He was to gain the trust of any members of the family or those near the family, he was to inspect the guards and the man who was charged with border patrol, gain information from any Glacien or Undan he saw, all after taking a ship across the thin strip of sea between Ventus and Valetudo. The ship, over the ocean.

Pulling back the hood of his cloak sharply, he was just about to turn and loose his meal into the swirling mass that caused the illness, when the appearance of a man stopped him before he could even open his mouth. Swallowing, he took in the inky black cloak of the man, one that matched his own, only to have his eyebrows furrow in confusion. He had been scanning the area for Wind Walking since he arrived, so how did this Brother get past his senses? A sweep of his skill around the boots made his eyes widen. The Brother wasn't Wind Walking at all. Odd. Could he be an impostor? The moment the man spoke, he was less assured that he could be a Brother. After all, he Finn had never met a Brother who didn't Wind Walk who also showed a hint of a friendly attitude towards another. It was odd.

"Greetings, Brother Cary," Finn said formally, if a little weak from the effects of his again rocking stomach. No matter the feeling in his body, however, he kept his face calm and expressionless. The thing he could not fight, however, was the feeling of the blood draining from his face that was surely obvious to the man. Gripping the man's gloved hand, he offered the Ventus greeting in return. "May the Winds of Ventus guide you in return. I am Brother Collins." Taking a deep breath, Finn kept his rebelling stomach on hold for a bit longer, though with great effort. Beads of sweat began to form on his brow and his felt his legs shake beneath his weight as the water crashed around him. "I was not waiting long, though I would prefer to wait a few moments longer...excuse me."

No longer able to control the acidic substance his stomach was producing, he moved swiftly away from the could-be Brother and to the shore. Ducking behind a building, he doubled over and lost every little bit of food his stomach once had, and then some. His legs threatened to give way as they shook violently, but Finn kept his knees locked. As the second wave hit his body, he gave up on his Wind Walk and his soft soled feet came crashing to the ground with a jolt. Everything felt like it was spinning and the ground definitely felt like it was rolling with the waves he had just left sight of. The trip, his task, was not off to a good start. How was he going to be able to complete his task, and well even, if he couldn't even stand the sight of a ship? He hadn't even set foot on the bobbing wooded vessel and already he was a clear land lover. The image of the ship rocking in the bay sent him doubling over once more and losing what felt like the very lining of his stomach. Where was a Health Controller when he needed one.

Pale and legs moving with the surety of a toddlers, Finnagan Collins returned, slowly, to the docks. He had almost forgotten about the other Brother until the black cloak came into view. Trying his best to stand up tall and with a mask of calamity, he nodded his head to the man. "I do apologize, Brother Cary." Eyeing the ship bobbing wildly in the waves, he swallowed with some difficulty. "I think we best set sail." The sooner they got across the treacherous ocean, the sooner he could set his feet solidly on land, so to speak. Suddenly aware he was standing on the dock itself, he pushed himself up onto solid wind and into his usual Wind Walk. His stomach groaned. Perhaps it was best to stand on a solid based while he could. While he was sure his Wild Walking was more than steady, the images of the waves crashing around him was setting his head spinning. He needed the assurance that he was, in fact, not moving. If that was possible.

With a step forward, towards that damn vessel on the waves, Brother Collins stepped down from the wind and onto the planks of the dock. Aboard the ship, Captain Amado was barking orders as his crew leapt around to ready the ship for a departure in the near future. Every few seconds, the bearded man would look over to the mirrored brothers, swallow, and then continue shouting orders. The man did not look entirely comfortable with not only one, but two of the Ventus Brothers as passengers, but Finn doubted that any man would. Adjusting his pack over his shoulder, he took a deep breath and walked up the planks to the vessel that would take him from home, his feet feeling heavy on the wood itself. With a quick glance over his shoulder at Brother Cary, he did his best the breathe again. This was going to be a rough journey. His stomach turned in response to the very idea.

Alias: Delilah

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Callum Wright
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