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Welcome to Carista. We are an original fantasy roleplay forum set in the world of Carista -- a place where the eight different systems of control are divided across countries and oceans and blood. The systems of control are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Plant, Health and Time -- all given to humanity in ages past.

Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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 Siobhan McCall

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Siobhan McCall


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PostSubject: Siobhan McCall   Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:01 pm

The Basics

Name: Siobhan (Shih-VON) McCall
Age: 36
Element: Wind
Classification: Master
Birth Kingdom: Ventus
Home Kingdom: Valetudo


Playby: Milla Jovovich
Siobhan has the features of a woman who could be considered quite beautiful by the standards of many, particularly if she allowed herself the luxury of dressing appropriately for a woman. Her body is slim and small, her structure small and lean. Even so, clothing has an amazing ability to create curves where there are few - but Siobhan is not a woman of luxury or fashion. She is most often seen in the standard blacks of the Brotherhood. Her small body is further minimized in such clothing. There's a hard edge to the woman that she has honed over the years - one that speaks to the constant fight against men twice as large and infinitely stronger than she could ever be. Despite the hard won muscle that fill out her frame, she is still considered small, her height and size still almost considered 'dainty'. She keeps her hair cropped at the chin and styled in a messy array that is simply because it is impossible to maintain like a right and proper lady.


Personality: --This section must be at least 250 words--


  • --include at least one sentence as to why--


  • --include at least one sentence as to why--

Elemental Strengths
  • --This section is optional, however, if you do the below section, you must to this one--

Elemental Weaknesses
  • --This section is optional, however, if you do the above section, you must to this one--


Mother - Ciara McCall, Wind Apprentice
Father - Nicolas Regan, Wind Master
Siblings - Davin Regan, heir apparent (36 years old)
Conan Regan,
Emmet McCall

History: --This section must be at least 300 words--


RP Sample: -- This may be recycled or fresh for this character, but it must reach the Carista minimum word count of 250--

Alias: Artemis

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PostSubject: Re: Siobhan McCall   Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:25 pm

Siobhan has been blessed as a...

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PostSubject: Re: Siobhan McCall   Fri Apr 19, 2013 2:46 am

Admission Clean-Up

This application was posted a significant time ago. Please respond within two weeks signifying that you still wish you work on this character or the thread will be archived. Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Siobhan McCall   

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Siobhan McCall
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