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Welcome to Carista. We are an original fantasy roleplay forum set in the world of Carista -- a place where the eight different systems of control are divided across countries and oceans and blood. The systems of control are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Plant, Health and Time -- all given to humanity in ages past.

Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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 Kavi Deghan

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Kavi Deghan

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PostSubject: Kavi Deghan   Kavi Deghan I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 17, 2013 11:02 pm

The Basics

Name: Kavi Deghan
Age: 46
Element: Fire
Classification: (Insert After Randomization)
Birth Kingdom:Ignis
Home Kingdom:Ignis


Appearance: Kavi has short black hair, as per Guard uniform. His beard is full but trimmed, never much longer than a couple centimeters. The long Deghan family line runs strong through him, granting a strong jaw, thick brows and tanned skin. A thick scar cuts through Kavi's left brow, just to the left of his eye. A career soldier, Kavi is a lean and toned man in excellent physical condition. On duty, Kavi wears the heavy crimson and gold steel armor of an officer of the Royal guard. A longsword with an elaborate hilt is always sheathed at Kavi's waist. Kavi is easily distinguished from his fellow guards even when wearing his helmet, as he wears no gauntlets, which would hinder his elemental fighting style. As a result of this, Kavi has no pinky on his left hand, a wound from one of the opening battles in the war against Terra. Off duty, Kavi wears loose tunics and trousers, with wooden sandals on his feet. When attending a formal event, he wears either Military Regalia or his family's traditional crimson and gold Deghan robes. Kavi always wears a shark tooth necklace, his improvised dogtag that he carved his name onto in a prisoner of war camp.


Personality: After loosing his parents at a young age to a large riot, Kavi has always had a short fuse. He was a rebellious kid and gave his adoptive parents much trouble and worry. He has always been captivated by his family's major role in the history of Ignis. As the last to carry the Deghan bloodline, Kavi wants to make a name for himself and become more powerful than any of his ancestors. On duty, Kavi is harsh and professional, a true soldier. A ruthless and adept tactician, Kavi rose through the ranks of the army quickly, joining the royal guard at the young age of 26. Off duty, Kavi is a passionate man, gambling and drinking and always seeking entertainment.

Kavi is most comfortable around his brother, Eisenheim. His brother serves to calm Kavi when he gets too angry or excited and acts as a voice of reason. Kavi also enjoys to serve in an opposite way to Eisenheim, bringing adventure and excitement into his brothers life. This can lead to many disagreements and arguments between the two powerful soldiers that often times leads to blows. In the end, though, the two brothers have always remained inseparable, regardless of the fact that they are not true blood brothers.

His career is Kavi's number one priority, and his duty takes precedence over any of his personal matters. In his spare time, Kavi enjoys cooking meat and reading about historical events. Though raised an Elementalist by his adoptive parents, Kavi has since disregarded religion after seeing how, regardless of what your religion is, war will inevitably hurt you. He believes that all that matters is this life, and that people control their own fates, regardless of element or god.


  • Sharks. Efficient and ruthless killing machines, Kavi enjoys spear-hunting the large sharks off the coast of Searik.

  • Gambling. Dice in particular, Kavi loves the risk involved every time.

  • Liquor. His favorite drink is Sake, and loves to drink it while losing money at dice.

  • His family lineage. Knowing that he is the last of his family, he wants to make his ancestors proud of him and make the Deghan name a powerful one again.

  • The history of Ignis. The young nation has always been a place of radical change and fierce warriors, and the Deghans have been a part of it since the very beginning. Any major battle in Ignis' history has had a Deghan or two fighting, with men ranging from foot soldiers to generals. Kavi loves to search through the castle archives to find tales of his forefather's bravery.

  • Halberds. The signature and terrifying weapon of the royal guard, Halberds are difficult to master, but devastating when used correctly. Half spear, half axe, these are the most intimidating of the medieval world. Kavi loves his ceremonial halberd, and enjoys training with it a few nights a week.

  • Eisenheim. As different as the two brothers are, Eisenheim has saved Kavi (and vice versa) countless times in the past. They grew up together, fought together, and now serve together. No matter what happens, Eisenheim and Kavi will always be close friends.


  • His own blood. The sight of it angers Kavi, and has led to many bar fights that Eisenheim has had to save Kavi from.

  • Loners. Being so near to the queen, Kavi is a strong supporter of the queens decision to declare war against Terra almost 30 years ago.

  • The Second battle of Crag Landing. On the same battlefield where Kavi lost his finger early in the war, he was captured by Terran forces in what would be one of the last victories for Terra. Kavi has since spent the last six years in a prisoner of war camp.

  • Working with a hangover, for obvious reasons.

  • Lemons. Kavi hates sour foods.

  • Terrans. After years of war Kavi can't stand Terrans, or at least, not their soldiers. He is proud to have killed so many in the first years of the war.

Elemental Strengths
  • The ability Kavi is most well known for is melting stone and metal. On its own, this allows Kavi to melt through walls, floors, or armor. But, provided Kavi takes the time to melt enough stone, allows his brother Eisenheim, a powerful earth controller, to make a sort of lava whip. These whips will melt through light armor, and harden on the surface of heavier armors. It is a deadly and painful weapon that has made the duo famous in the military.

  • Fire at his fingertips. All of Kavi's elemental strength stems from his fingers, directing his flames in tight cones. These are extremely hot, but relatively short. Kavi uses these as what his comrades have described as claws, tearing through ice, stone walls and iron armor alike as he moves through the battlefield.

  • Flamethrower. Kavi can lower the heat of his flames to allow them greater reach, of up to 15 feet. These flames could not melt anything, only burn flesh and cloth.

  • Breathing smoke. This takes a lot of focus for Kavi to execute successfully, but allows him to breathe out thick clouds of smoke to use as cover.

Elemental Weaknesses
  • Range. While Kavi can force his flames out to be effective up to 5 feet away, this is his maximum and cannot be used for more than about 10 swings. The flames quickly dissipate any further past this point, and would not have anywhere near the extreme heat as just a few inches closer.

  • Connectivity. While Kavi can warm objects without using flames like most other fire users, he can only do so to items he is holding in his hands, and never past the boiling point.

  • Susceptible to lava. Kavi cant protect himself from the intense heat of lava, and would suffer wounds if he were to come into contact with it. He can however resist the heat, reducing the wounds third degree burns.

  • Fire at his Fingertips. Kavi can never create flames anywhere on his body - not even his palms - but his fingertips. When he lost his finger, he lost a tenth of his fighting ability.


Mother - Sadoba Deghan, Deceased, Fire Consular
Father - Sothe Deghan, Deceased, Fire Consular
Siblings - Eisenheim Valky, Earth Master, Adoptive Brother
Other - Marie Valky, Earth Citizen, Adoptive Mother
Thomas Valky, Earth Consular, Adoptive Father

History: By the time Kavi began to realize who his parents were, they were killed by rioters. The orphan of two highly respected members of the Royal Guard, Kavi was taken in by one of the king's advisers at the age of 5. This lasted only a few months, until a respectable family was found to adopt the boy. Still, when Kavi left, he cried almost as much as when he lost his parents. The family to adopt him were wealthy Terrans, who had chosen to move to Ignis when hostilities between the two nations began brewing. Their decision may have been influenced by large payments from the Ignese Court, as they were hired to create temporary housing for Ignis' growing population.

The family were earth controllers who specialized in creating stone homes, raising them strait out of the ground. They had a son, who was only 7, but had already learned to raise chairs from the ground. This boy, named Eisenheim Velky, was Kavi's adoptive brother. At first, Kavi didn't like his new family, and for years he would get into fights with his brother. Kavi never won a fight against Eisenheim until much later in his life.

Eventually, though, Kavi and Eisenheim grew close, bonding in their classes. By the time they reached adolescence, the two were inseparable. They both became apprentices at the castle armory, learning how to forge weapons and armor. Kavi learned how to tend the forge and heat the steel, and his brother learned how to bend the metal into shape with his hammer.

As his brother's skills progressed, though, Kavi lagged behind. After a few years of apprenticeship, Kavi learned from the castle healer that his powers were limited to his fingers, a rare condition that many of his ancestors had. Since he could not heat the forge with his powers like most other apprentices, he decided it would be best for him to join the army and learn how his ancestors had dealt with their limitation. He left his brother to finish his apprenticeship and joined the army. Because his real parents had been respected royal guards, Kavi was given the choice of which regiment he wished to join.

He chose to join an earth and fire user regiment. Working at the armory for almost three years had given him plenty of training with armor and swords, so he was well above most of the other recruits. When off duty, he would practice with his fire, making the flames coming from his fingers longer and hotter.

After a couple years, Kavi had earned a couple promotions and was put in command of a dozen soldiers. This was when tensions between Ignis and Terra reached their peak, and it seemed clear that war would soon break out between the two nations. Fearing for Kavi to be sent off to war, his brother Eisenheim joined the army as well, and was also given the choice of whichever regiment he would like. He chose Kavi's regiment, and was placed under his brother's command. The two were glad to be together, and even happier to have the chance to fight together.

Within the year, war was declared between Ignis and Terra. The two brothers were being sent in the first wave of the attack. They would be making the first landing on Terran soil. On the voyage to the Terran isthmus, Kavi and Eisenheim were confident in their abilities, though Eisenheim was not looking forward to having to fight and kill. They would be landing on a beach, were the sand would not allow Eisenheim to raise stone walls as he had been trained to do. He would have to rely on his steel and strength for this battle, both forged through his years of smithing.

The opening battle went off without a hitch. The Terran soldiers, while powerful earth users, could not match the martial skills of the Ignese army on a beach where their powers were diminished. Not a man under Kavi's command was even injured, and each had killed at least one Terran. As the first night of the war fell, Kavi and his men set up camp, near the edge between the beach and the cliffs.

When they awoke, they saw the much of the Ignese army camped along the beach, and a horde of tents and fires spread out as far as Kavi could see along the beach. The sight of these thousands of soldiers struck both fear and pride into him. Later that day, Kavi along with the rest of the army began their climb of the cliffs to begin assaulting the Terran mainland.


RP Sample: -- This may be recycled or fresh for this character, but it must reach the Carista minimum word count of 250--

Petitions: Classification Petition
Classification Petitioning: Master
Central to the Character: Kavi is an officer of the Royal Guard of Ignis. A powerful warrior, Kavi has been driven to surpass his deceased parents in both rank and strength his entire life. He developed a powerful tag-team fighting style with his adoptive brother, an earth controller. Kavi melts stone into lava, allowing his brother to use the lava as a molten whip. When apart from his brother, this ability allows him to melt metal in a similar fashion and infiltrate underground rooms simply by melting a doorway. This set of skills has distinguished Kavi amongst his peers, with him leading strikes against rebels and terrorists threatening the throne.
Central to Plot Development:: A officer of such strength would be one of the few guards trusted enough for Queen Kristia to give her more controversial orders to. Kavi would have to set up terrorist attacks to look like they were conducted by Terran soldiers and rebels, while also having to thwart actual plots by insurgents within the kingdom.

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PostSubject: Re: Kavi Deghan   Kavi Deghan I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 17, 2013 11:07 pm

Kavi has been blessed as...


His Classification Petition will be reviewed with the rest of his application.
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Admission Clean-Up

This application was posted a significant time ago. Please respond within two weeks signifying that you still wish you work on this character or the thread will be archived. Thank you!
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Kavi Deghan
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