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 Finnagan Collins

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Finnagan Collins


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PostSubject: Finnagan Collins   Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:56 am

The Basics

Name: Finnagan Reid Collins
Age: 31
Element: Wind
Classification: Apprentice
Birth Kingdom: Ventus
Home Kingdom: Valetudo


Playby: Eddie Redmayne
Appearance: Finn, along with nearly all of the Collins family, has thick red hair and skin covered in freckles. He was the only one that inherited his mouth from his grandfather, however. It is a trait that earned him teasing when he was younger. "Guppy Mouth" was a not so affectionate nickname he often heard from his siblings.


Personality: After the moment he entered the Brotherhood for training, Finnagan's personality shifted to match that which was expected of him. He was taught to be silent and loyal, clever and cunning, in constant control and never out of touch with his Element of Wind. The Brotherhood took nothing and taught nothing but perfection, and thus perfection is what he constantly strives for in everything he does. Organized, neat and always planning, he has a way out of every room and a clever thing to say at every word uttered, even though he may not verbalize them. He is, to an extreme, a silent individual. When a conversation is happening around him, he often stands in the background gathering any and all information he possibly can. One can learn so much more if they only kept one's mouth closed and ears open. With this silence and observational attitude comes the discomfort at being the center of attention. He was meant to be a fly on the wall, and he very much prefers it that way.

To others, Finnagan seems like a very cool individual. On a very rare occurrence his mouth might tighten in the shape of an almost-smile and he greets people by giving anything from a nod of recognition to a formal full bow. The last time he embraced someone was eleven years ago, and that was his father. To a normal person, this seems unnatural and stiff, but that is a Brother. Cool and distant while he observes. However, that does not mean that the man has no emotions whatsoever. In fact it simply means that he has the control enough not to let those inner emotions slip to the surface. However, there is one that he will allow, and that is his sense of humor. He will often crack a sarcastic remark at someone else's expense, though quietly, and will be more than honest with someone, no matter the situation. If his option is asked for, he gives it. And in that sense, it is a rare moment when he speaks before he is spoken too.

As a Brother, he is often pointed at and prodded by children and adults alike to see if they can get a rise out of him. Thus far, none have been able to, but even so, he cringes internally at the attention and poking mockery at him and his Brotherhood. If he is ever forced to enter a place of questionable quality in order to fulfill his duty as a guard, his personal space is often violated ten-fold by women who want to be the one able to seduce a Brother. Pushing these women away in a non-violent manner is often a difficult one, but he must do so in order to maintain one of his three vows. It seemed that no matter where he traveled, people were attempting to corrupt the man with women, alcohol, or money so that he might leave his charge. Sometimes it is more difficult to keep a vow than at other times, but even so, he has not yet strayed from the path of the Brotherhood. He is a very loyal individual and prides himself in that trait.

With all of these taught traits that have become a great part of his personality, there was still one thing the Brotherhood could not teach. Finn craves knowledge just as much as he craves perfection. He constantly is on the quest to know every little thing there is to learn out there, whether it comes from people, books, music, or the Elements themselves. Any free time he has outside meditation and his drills is typically spent in the library or seeking out wise individuals where ever he is and asking them what the most important lesson they every learned was. He craves it, craves the knowledge. There is no obligation to gain knowledge for his assignment or to keep his skills up, it is all a hunger that gnaws at the very core of him. He needs to know. When the King presented him with the task of essentially spying on the Royal Family of Valetudo while under the guise of protecting them, Finn couldn't be happier. It placed on his shoulders the path to gaining information that the King of Ventus himself craved; how were so many people from Glacie and the Unda Navy still getting past the boarder into Valetudo?


  • Silence -- Silence is powerful in its own way. Often Finnagan will remain silent and let others talk themselves into holes, or obtain information from them that they were not intentionally sharing. It's a clever and useful skill.
  • Meditation -- At least once a day, Finnagan makes it a point to meditate. It allows him to collect his thoughts, his Element, and clear out all unnecessary things that might become a distraction.
  • Being of Use -- Everything he does has a purpose. He has not done anything on a whim in a very long time, and for that reason, the greatest reward he ever desires is to know that his actions were of use in some way shape or form.
  • Clever People -- He enjoys a battle of minds when the other person takes just as much time as he does to speak. Clever people make for more interesting days and for more opportunities to learn.
  • Perfection and Organization -- Everything about his life is neat and in it's proper place, from daily schedule to his clothing.


  • Over displays of emotion -- Showing ones internal emotions is a waste of precious energy that can be avoided with meditation and conscious effort. When one doesn't hide it or control it, problems almost always seem to arise.
  • Physical Contact -- Because of his vow of celibacy which he takes very seriously, he disdains any and all physical contact except for that of his family and when sparring with others.
  • Attention -- If he could, Finnagan would fade into the shadows. Whenever attention is drawn upon him, it makes his heart race and his skin crawl.
  • His Inexperience -- Though the Brothers are known to be excellent assassins as well as spies, he has not yet been tasked with taking another's life and dreads that day simply because he is inexperienced and could therefore fail.
  • Meat -- Like many from Ventus, he is a vegetarian simply because his Kingdom does not have the resources or the climate to keep animals to eat. There is a rare occasion that he will drink or eat some dairy product, but those are a delicacy in his home.
  • Lying -- In his Discipline, he was taught to never lie, but instead twist the truth in a way, if needed.

Elemental Strengths
  • Wind Walking -- Like many members of the Brotherhood, he can move with absolute silence by essentially walking on the wind. It tends to give off a floating appearance. This is something that he has been practicing since he was an initiate and is like second nature to him now. He concentrates and makes the wind solid beneath his feet.
  • Sensing Movement -- When people move, the air around them tends to stir. When in a meditative state, Finnagan is able to sense this within nearly a hundred paces.

Elemental Weaknesses
  • Creation -- He essentially lacks the ability to create wind where there is still air and manipulate it into a gust or whirlwind. At the very most, he can create a breath of wind with great difficulty.
  • Direction Manipulation -- When there is a wind coming at him, he can only really deflect it into a different direction. Unlike many of his Brothers, he cannot turn someone else's Wind against them or reroute natural wind more than a few inches.


Mother - Una Collins, 47, Wind Citizen
Father - Nolan Collins, 56, Wind Master
Siblings - Quinn Collins, 29, Wind Apprentice
Sean Collins, 28, Wind Citizen
Kathleen Collins, 26, Wind Apprentice
Flann Collins, 23, Wind Citizen
Brigh Collins, 21, Wind Citizen
Ciara Collins, 20, Wind Consular
Conley Collins, 17, Wind Citizen

History: Finnagan was the result of his parents' rebellion against the worlds the belonged in. His mother, Una, was 16 years old and told that, since she was the youngest daughter of six, she would not be allowed to wed since her family could not afford it. Instead, she was to work in a shop until she could afford to live on her own where her family intended her to move out and support herself. If she could afford to get married, then so be it, but her father would not have another daughter to take care of, especially since his daughters all tended to have the same fine and expensive tastes of their mother. Finnagan's father, Nolan, had a completely different experience. Being the eldest child in his family, he was sent to train with the Brotherhood when he was eight years old. However, at the age of 25, he had yet to pass the final test to make himself a true member of the Brotherhood. In fact, he was too terrified to even attempt the test. As one of the oldest trainees in the Brotherhood's history, they were going to force him out of the library and into the final test -- to face the very center of the plateau and those strong winds alone, no longer caring if he survived or perished. The night before his test was to begin, Nolan fled, and on the same night that the young Una gained her first job at a local fabric shop. They met late that night by pure fate or will of the Creator, outside a tavern next-door to the fabric shop in a small town. That night was a long one, and one where the two people captive in their own lives found their escape.

Una and Nolan married six months after they met in a quiet ceremony. They didn't even invite their parents, claiming that the ceremony was to be held in a different Kingdom and it would be much too far for them to travel. Una's eldest sister, Hanna, did offer to make the long trek, and was surprised to find that the wedding was less than two days walk from her home. Hanna, her husband, and her small child were the only ones present at the wedding of Una and Nolan other than a Priest of the Creator, and thus were the only ones able to see the bump through the teenaged bride's gown. Less than three months later, the newly formed Collins family had a tiny new addition -- Finnagan Reid.

While the small babe was coddled by his mother and kept his parents up with insistent crying night after night, Nolan looked for work. It wasn't terribly difficult considering the man was classified as a Wind Master after all of his years training with the Brotherhood. He gained a few students to whom he became a master in the evenings, and during the day worked for the Town Council as an advisor on any number of issues. Much of Finnagan's very young years followed a very predictable schedule; he woke his mother up in the middle of the night with his ridiculous sleeping habits, went to sleep as his father left for work just as the sun was beginning to peak over the horizon while he mother did house work, then woke again as his mother was about to lay down for a nap, and so the days continued. Una Collins got hardly any sleep because of her infant son, and Nolan Collins got about the same because of his work for the Town Council and the work he did with his young pupils. Finnagan, however, was a very happy babe. His young parents doted on him whenever his lungs called for them, he played with his mother and a small variety of toys, and slept when it was the most inconvenient. It was an easy life he had as a toddler.

When Finn was nearly three years old, his father was promoted and given the title of Town Justice. Just about everything needed the run the town was his responsibility, but he had people working under him to whom he could give tasks to complete. The best part, though, was that Nolan Collins was able to make his own schedule, to an extent. He began working half days in the Town Center and came home early to spend time with his growing son and young bride. It was these early afternoons with his father that really began to shape young Finnagan. Adventures outside were more than a common occurrence, and his father even took him near the center of the plateau to feel the wind of Ventus. The wind there wasn't as strong as it was at the very vortex at the center of the plateau, but it was more than strong for the small Finnagan, even with his father manipulating the wind around them. For the toddler, it was like breathing for the first time while simultaneously getting the breath pulled from your lungs. It was not their last trip there, though their trips were put to a halt later that year as Finn's family grew by one. Una gave birth to her second son not a month after Finn's third Birthday. The little boy was given the name Quinn, and Finnagan was absolutely obsessed with the infant. He would gather all of his toys and pile them on his mother's lap for his little brother to play with and always asked to change the infants clothing for him after a bath. He loved the small child and did everything for him. That is, until Quinn began to crawl and take all of the toys for himself. Finn began to ignore his little brother more and treat him, well, like one did a brother. The process started again but a year later with the third son for the Collins family, Sean. Both Finn and Quinn treated their little brother with spoiling love, just how Finn had treated Quinn for the first couple of months.

The small family took many outings in those first few years, Nolan wanting to take his sons to experience the winds like he did Finn. Now, the four year old Finn was not as fond of these trips that his brothers were now brought along on. Unhappy about sharing what use to be his special time with his father, he often tried to get his father to take him alone. Occasionally Nolan would indulge his youngest son's wishes, but more often than not, Finnagan would take these trips with not only his father, but his younger siblings and mother as well. As a young child, Finn pouted more than not about these trips, but those troubles were soon forgotten as Quinn would begin a game that involved running in circles around the small Sean. Sometimes the brothers fought, like any brothers are aught to do, and sometimes they would cuddle up with each other as their mother read them a book. But as Sean turned from an infant into a walking toddler and Finnagan into a know-it-all five year old, their family changed again.

Una had recently returned to work in the fabric shop that was not too far from their home, but that did not last for more than a few months before she gave birth to her fourth child at the age of twenty. The child almost did not survive the birthing process. The infant was silent as the midwife wrapped her up in a blanket to clean her off. The midwife, a Health Citizen, said she could do no more for the child. However, Nolan took the babe in his arms and let a small gust of wind flow into the tiny lungs twice over which resulted in a high pitched cry from little Kathleen. Kathleen was special to the three brothers. So frail since birth, they all took special precautions to keep the little one safe, even two year old Sean did his little part with the help of Quinn and Finn. As the children grew together, their protection of little Kathleen did not change. Even as she approached the age of a young and terrible two, the brothers looked after their sister.

On his seventh birthday, Finn formally began his education. Previously, his Father and Mother had been teaching him and his brothers life skills, and his father focused on his Control skills with Wind. However, the young parents determined that he was old enough to get his head in the books himself, rather than just listening to his parents read him stories. So, Finnagan was given book after book, week after week, of things from the History of the Elements to the Creator himself. There even came a point when books of arithmetic came around. Those were the driest and most boring thing he had ever thought possible, but his father made the real life connection for him. Those long paragraphs of words with just a few numbers were essentially trying to explain to him how to work with those numbers. After a little time with books like these, He found that he rather enjoyed the math skills he was learning. In all honesty, it made him feel smarter and older than his brothers, who would often be outside while his father gave him a new book.

His studies did not last for very long. Not a few weeks after his eighth birthday, a strange man came to visit their home. He was dressed very simply, but his clothing was very well made. Finn had never seen a man like that before. Though the man was dressed oddly, he had the most unusual way of moving about their sitting room. While his father stood solidly on the floor, as his mother did, the man seemed to float just above the wood, his footsteps never making a sound. The boy could only peek around the corner and watch the man, he couldn't even force himself to listen to the conversation that was clearly upsetting his parents. That is, until the man turned to face the oh so clever child and wave for him to come forth. Wide eyed, young Finnagan did, his wide mouth hanging open and his eyes wider than his guppy mouth as he approached the very tall, floating man. The man examined him for a few moments, in which Finn grew bored. It was then that he noticed his father was holding his mother who was weeping in her husband's arms. Though she had four children herself, the woman was young and often cried a girl's tears. However, now those tears were hot like an old mother's. It was the floating man who told him why his mother was crying; Finnagan was to join the Ventus Brotherhood.

As the first born child in the Collins home, tradition dictated that he was to be sent to train with the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood were the protectors of Ventus and of the Crown. Though tradition dictated that, it had been broken by a few families, and Una protested this herself. When the floating man looked at Nolan, it was Finn's father who sided against his wife. The Brotherhood had come to take a Collins man. Nolan was a deserter, and if they took him, he would be killed. However, they really just wanted the opportunity to train young Finnagan. Nolan said he would take Finn's place, but Una held him back. Finn had a chance, Nolan did not. And if Nolan were to leave, Quinn, Sean, Kathleen, and their unborn sibling would surely perish. Finn simply watched as his parents were backed into a corner and forced to decide the fate of their eldest child. It was not long before his father took him to pack a few things into a travel bag and sent him off with the floating man after many farewells, mostly from his mother. It wasn't until his home was out of sight that Finnagan Collins actually realized what was going on; he was being taken away from his home and family, and was probably never going back. He tried to run, but the floating man kept the child in his seat with but a blink and a large, powerful whirlwind. All Finn had the power to do was cry as he rode away from his family.

The floating man took him to a large stone building surrounded by people from Finn's age to men and women in their twenties. Only a few people stood on the large, covered porch of the building, and they were older than any person the young Collins boy had ever seen before. He would soon learn that they were Brotherhood masters that would teach the young initiates how to control their power and obtain the skills the Brotherhood was known for. At first, days went by slowly as they were filled with chores and chores alone. Finnagan and three other children were set to scrubbing pots and mopping the floors for hours on end for all the initiates and young Brothers the Brotherhood was training. Weeks went by before Finnagan fell into a mind numbing routine of scrubbing and mopping, no longer caring what he did or when he did it. That was the first stage in the process for young initiates -- routine and mindlessness. He did receive a few letters from his parents, but he hardly had the time to read them, and after awhile, they just stacked up in a pile beside his simple bed.

Life was mindless for the child. He didn't even notice when his ninth birthday came and went. The Brotherhood was simplistic and efficient, time had no meaning to them. Training took as long as it took, not a day more or a day less. The simplistic idea followed the training Brothers through every moment of their new lives; their clothing was simply made, though not poorly made, their furnishings were just enough and never more than, and everything they did was did with efficiency. That lesson was learned the hard way for initiates, and Finn. After over a year of chores upon mindless chores, a Brother came to fetch Finnagan just after sunrise. The boy was on his way to his morning chores, all of his moments learned and typical, so much so that Finn did not even notice the Brother floating beside him nor the looks from other Initiates and young Brothers. In fact, he got all the way to the Kitchen before the man stopped him. He had come to fetch Finn so that the lad might begin his first day of training. He would still be responsible for his chores, but he now had more work to do. He was expected to practice his Wind Control, read up on his history, practice his algebra skills, copy a book to improve his calligraphy, and serve dinner to the Master Brother of their Discipline to improve his observation skills as well as improve his familiarity with social protocol. All of that in addition to his regular chores. When told all of this and given a stack of books, Finn walked numbly back to his room and cried on his bed for the rest of the day, writing his Mother a letter after his tears had dried, begging for her to come get him.

The days and weeks following occurred without significant event. The nine year old slept less, tended to his chores and studies alike. The one thing that brought him out of the numbness was the dinners with the Master Brother. Tired as he was, he couldn't help but let his ears perk up at the conversations and let his eyes carefully watch every move the Master Brother and his guests did and did not make. It was astounding and clever in every way. It was at those dinners that he learned the weight and power of silence.

Finnagan's tenth birthday came and went, as did his eleventh and soon his twelfth. Day by day, there was no significantly noticeable change in him. However, on his twelfth birthday, though he had forgotten it himself, his family was finally permitted to visit him. He was walking from his duty in the kitchen to meet up with one of his teachers to ask for some advice on his Wind Walk, the floating walk of the Brotherhood, when he saw them. Four years had passed since he had seen his family, and his mother looked much older than he remembered, and it appeared he had more siblings. Quinn, Sean, and Kathleen were there, standing beside their father, but there was a boy about four, and two girls no more than toddlers clutching his mother's dress. Approaching them calmly, he greeted his family with a low bow from the waist, as the Brothers had taught him, before he was engulfed in a hug by his parents and siblings all at once. His mother cried, of course, and the little ones had no idea what was going on, but it was Finn and his father who caught eyes. Nolan offered a weak smile and nodded to his eldest son and Finn returned the motion. There was an understanding between the two now. Nolan had been through the training that Finn was receiving, and knew that the boy was well on his path to simplicity, calamity, and hard emotionless freedom. Inside Finn was overjoyed to see his parents, but after spending nearly four years in a place where emotion was taught as a weakness and a useless amount of energy spent, that joy was simply portrayed as a thin smile and a bow.

Time with his family was spent mostly by his mother telling Finnagan all the things he had missed over the past few years, including his three youngest siblings: Flann, Brigh, and Ciara. While his mother spoke, the adult acting child of hers just listened and nodded. It was a cool interaction, but Una Collins seemed more than overjoyed to discover that her son was alive, if acting a little odd and different than when he was eight years old. Their cool interaction was brief, much to Finn's relief. However, it was then that he discovered the reason for the Brotherhood allowing his family to visit him. On that day, Finnagan Collins went from being an initiate in the Brotherhood to a young Brother. This meant that his days with chores were gone, and in their place was a more physical version of training. He would be put in a sparing ring with other young Brothers, both with nothing but their Element and a pair of practice daggers as well as sent alone on trips near the center of the Plateau to master and survive the string winds that pooled there. It was rigorous and challenging on the body, and his mind would fair no better. His studies would intensify until he had a sharp enough mind to be considered a Brother on his own right, both as an assassin and a spy.

From the moment Finnagan's parents left to the moment he became a Brother, life was a blur. He woke up early every morning - before the sun reached over the horizon- and began his physical and Wind training with other young Brothers. By the time the sun was fully above the horizon, he was studying the history of Ventus and moving slowly into the history and protocol of the Kings and Queens. Before his mid-day meal, he would be sparing with other young Brothers until the last one stood. After a few years, he held that spot often enough. His afternoons were typically spent with his nose buried in books and practice on his own. After his meal, though, he was sent out into the Plateau to meditate and gain personal knowledge, control, and understanding over the Element that he had. Late into the night, Finnagan would return in silence to his room and sleep for a few hours before repeating the process again the next day, and the day after that. It was rare that he ever shifted from that.

There was a day, however, where things did not go quite according to plan. When Finn was eighteen, one of his fellow Young Brothers had been given a day's leave in order to visit his sister who was quite ill less than a morning's walk from the Discipline of the Brotherhood where they were training. The other young Brother, Liam, had asked to take Finn and another along with him, Bree. So, instead of their physical training one morning, the three set off for the village. When the Discipline was out of sight, Liam turned and told the other two of his actual intensions. His sister was not ill, but he simply needed to get out of the Brotherhood and the strictness of it all. He had sent a letter to his parents and siblings, and it was them that helped him get the day out of the building. Bree did not seem to be taken aback by this, but Finn was completely unaware of what to do. Of the three, he was easily the rule follower. Keeping silent, like he was taught, he followed along with Bree and Liam into the village where the two immediately began a clear and obvious path towards the only Inn in sight. If caught, Finnagan knew the three of them would likely be demoted back to initiated and lashed, if not completely banished from the Brotherhood. Not only was alcohol forbidden for any member, Initiate to Brother, but they were also lying to skip their daily duties. However, Finn still kept silent as they entered the Inn. However, things did not go nearly how he had expected. He was hoping that Bree and Liam simply were hungry after the morning walk and years of plain food, but they did not stop at a table. When the stopped at the bar, Finn stopped and watched in horror as his fellow young Brothers ordered a drink, a drink that was very clearly one of the three forbidden things of the Brotherhood. The least offensive to break, but still there nevertheless. However, Bree and Liam had no intensions of stopping there. After they quickly downed a drink and then a second, Bree took Liam's hand and lead him away from the bar, winking at Finn. Wide eyed, he hardly noticed the scantily clad women who approached him until her hands were untucking his shirt from his trousers. Shoving her off hastily, he backed out of the Inn and ran all the way back to their Discipline, the two broken vows heavy in his mind. There were things things a Brother may not do -- ingest alcohol in any form, engage in any sexual act, and leave a post or assigned mark with their task incomplete. He had a terrible feeling that Bree and Liam had broken all but one of those vows on that day, and told as much to the Master Brother he first came across.

Finn never saw Bree and Liam again, even to know if they returned to the Brotherhood or not. He still chooses to believe that they decided just not to come back to the life it was so evident they hated. Even so, thoughts of them lingered on his mind for the next two years. Only shortly after his twentieth birthday was his mind too busy to think of them, for it was then that the Brotherhood decided that it was time for him to take his final test, to become a Brother. Without a second thought, Finnagan agreed to take his final test the very next week. For that week before his test, he spent nearly all of his time in a meditative state closer and closer to the center of the Plateau for hours at a time. Then finally, the day was upon him. His parents came again with all of his siblings in tow with an addition to the group as well -- young Conley who was nearly fourteen years younger than Finnagan. Though he knew Flann, Brigh, Ciara, and Conley to be his siblings, they were strangers to him and he to them. Much like seeing his parents when he was twelve, he bowed stiffly to them with his mother again consuming him in a hug. However, this time, his father waited and embraced Finn himself, holding his adult son tight. Nolan told him then that he didn't have to do it, he didn't have to take the test then if he wasn't ready. Finn simply replied that he was ready, but gave his father a quick squeeze anyway. That was the most emotion he had shown since he could remember. Even after twelve years of training with the Brotherhood, he still had that closeness with his father, and he knew that this would only strengthen that.

As the sun began to rise high in the sky, Finnagan said his good byes and turned without a thought to leave the high stone walls of the Brotherhood with all the people inside watching silently from windows and sparing fields, the only sound was of the wind and the faint sobbing of Una Collins.

The walk to the center of the plateau was a long one, but a surprisingly pleasant one at first. The winds flew past his face and through his hair, giving him a fresh breath of air and bringing back memories of his childhood with his father. However, the closer he got to the center, the more the winds picked up. No longer was he in the same place that his father had taken him when he was child, but now he was approaching the true center of the plateau. When he had asked his masters how he would know when he was at the center, they said that he would just know. They were right. Mustering up his Control, he let the winds slide away from him using the least amount of effort possible, just like he was trained to do. There came a moment when the winds came at him from all sides, threatening to rip his flesh from bone, and then he knew he was at the center of Ventus itself. With a great deal of effort, he sat on the glassy ground and closed his eyes, opening himself to the Winds.

He did not know how much time had passed, but he did know that when he finally opened his eyes and looked around him, the son was in the same exact position as it had been when he had sat. It was thus time to leave, he could feel it. Finnagan Reid Collins returned to his Brotherhood, clothing ripped near clean from his skin which was red and raw from the wind. Falling to his knees before his waiting Master, he was given the title of Brother Collins at the same time he was deemed as a Wind Apprentice.

Nothing seemed significant after that day. His parents seemed like average, ordinary people, as did his siblings. For weeks after, all he could hear was the wind and the only thing he could feel was the burn of the memory of it whipping around his exposed flesh. In those days, he was assigned to a Master who ruled the Town of Limway. Silent and observant, he served that man at his side until he was twenty-five. Never was he forced to use any talents that he had learned in the Brotherhood, for having a Brother simply there was usually enough of a deterrent against assassinations and ill wishes. All Finn did was stand, observe, and do more standing. In the mornings before the Master of Limway rose, he would meditate in the garden outside his chambers as the sun rose before running through a few drills to keep himself limber. However, after five years of so much standing, Finn felt himself getting stiff. It was then that he politely requested a transfer.

At the young age of twenty five, he was stationed outside of the Royal Palace. At first, he was set to half day patrols at the base of the mountain upon which the palace sat. He did his duty with diligence, knowing that he know was very much protecting the lives of the King and Queen. Though the patrols were uneventful, he continued just like his fellow Brothers without so much as a complaint even falling into their minds. This was what they were trained for, this was why they were born and taken in by the Brotherhood. Day after day, Finnagan patrolled for what came to be about two years. It was then that he met Nicholas Regan, the King of Ventus himself. No words were exchanged as the King left the Palace on a trip around the Kingdom, his faithful trio of Brothers surrounding him, but Finnagan made clear eye contact with the King before bowing deeply from the waist. It was a great moment for the Brother, meeting his King, for that meant that he was trusted enough to be on patrol while his King left the palace. It was a great honor. Not a month after the King returned was Finnagan moved to the Palace itself to do night rounds. Rumor had it that Finnagan had the best senses in the patrol, whether or not that was true, he was moved by the King himself. For four years Finnagan kept his eyes and ears and elemental senses open to anything and everything while he was on patrol. When the sun rose, he began exercises that were followed by a meditation session. Every day he strove to be better and do his duty to a new level at every given chance.

Then the day came when Finnagan was sent for by the King's aide. Standing before the King in his personal quarters, he listened well as the King told him that he was being transferred to Valetudo, but not as another Brother to fight and protect, but as a Brother to gain information. The King had been sending Brothers there for the past few years to help with the massive number of Glaciens who were trying to force their way into Valetudo as well as the Unda Navy who followed those people to the Health Kingdom. However, he believed that there was a leak somewhere in the Royal Family there, or close to them, that was purposely letting Glaciens and Undans into the Kingdom in order to rock the rule of Queen Ilda. And so, Finnagan, along with three other Brothers, we to set sail for Valetudo the following morning.


RP Sample:

Quote :
The sun was high in the sky when Finnagan Collins set out from the Brotherhood towards his final test. In order to become a full Brother of the Ventus Brotherhood, he had to get to and survive at the very center of the plateau. There, at the center of the Kingdom of Ventus, the strongest winds in all of the world met together in a crushing and shredding force. He had heard of no one but a Brother who have dared venture there, let alone survive. Even then, not every person who left for their final test came back. A body would be easily swept away and shredded in those winds, without a single doubt he knew this, and yet he continued walking towards the deadly place, step after careful step. If it weren't for his training, he would be afraid. If it weren't for his training, he would likely stop halfway there and cry at the sheer terror of walking into what might be certain death. However, he had been in training under Brothers for the past twelve years of his life, and thus knew that any and all of those emotions had to be locked away and never thought of. Thus, his face was held no expression as he walked.

He had no recollection of time on his journey. When it began, his feet made steady progress above the thin grass of his homeland and he walked on the Wind, the movement second nature. The Wind gave him fresh breaths as his memories comfortably shifted to his childhood when his father had brought him to this very place. The Wind was comforting and familiar, like a parent's loving embrace for a small child, as it flew past and around his head. However, the journey did not stay pleasant for very long. The Wind picked up speed and a violence threaded it, making all pleasant memories vanish with the steady beat of his heart. Where Wind Walking was once easy, his feet were now moving as if they were tied by a dozen bonds that would not allow him to move in any direction, though he fought to proceed anyway, ever onward. Even so, he knew that he was not yet close to the terrible and furious destruction that was the heart of the Winds.

He had asked his Masters years ago how he would know when he was at the center of the Winds, they had all responded that he would just know. They were correct. Winds whipped and trashed around him, threatening to pull his very flesh from bone and his bone from his very core. Fighting the Wind with every ounce of energy he had in his body, he felt himself failing. He fought more, and more, struggling against the wind. And then he remembered his training. Stopping, he mustered up all the control he had in him and deflected the winds off his body as he took a single step forward, followed by another until he felt as if he could not take another step. It was then that he knew he was at the Heart of the Winds. All around him he could feel winds pressing and pulsing from every direction, looking for him to fail so that they might rip him apart like it had countless others who were not strong enough. But not him.

Forcing himself to breathe deeply, he nearly choked when air rushed into his lungs like a tree trunk, but still forced himself to take another breath, and then another and another until his body began to relax. Only then did he close his eyes and begin to lower himself to a meditative position on the glass-like ground below him. It did not take long before he became aware, aware of everything and anything around him. The ground was worn perfectly flat and even around him by the billowing winds, and not a single thing grew or survived out here, even the earth itself. After he had opened himself up to the Wind for what seemed like forever, he became even more aware, so much so that he realized that he was not sitting on a perfectly flat piece of land, but rather the smooth land was a very, very shallow bowl, almost as if the Wind was trying to eat through the heart of Ventus bit by bit.

There were a few moments when Finn lost himself during his meditation was was rewarded by the sharp sting of the no longer deflected winds. The quantity of these moments increased as his energy dropped, and his clothing began to rip from his body and his skin began to burn with the force of his own Element. Even so, he left himself open to the Winds swirling around him, reaching out to the force that seemed to hold a secret right out of his reach. And then, in one moment, it dawned upon him -- the wind either shapes everything or moves around it. So many people used wind as a force when it could indeed be used to judge and discover things that it might otherwise destroy. In that moment of realization, a smile came to the corner of Finn's lips just as his concentration dropped. All around him the Heart Wind pressed against him and ripped at his skin and very soul. The pain was like nothing he ever experienced and like nothing he ever cared to experience again. His concentration was only down for less than a heart beat, and yet it was enough to nearly kill the Wind Citizen.

Not forcing, he deflected the wind away from his body as much as he physically was able to, which was next to nothing, and stood. Breaking free of the core of those powerful winds seemed a thousand times more difficult than getting in, but once he was free, he nearly tumbled as the wind pushed him away, freeing him from it's harsh, yet guiding, embrace. Exhausted, Finn's eyes looked to the sky overhead to judge the time that had passed since he had entered the Heart of the Winds. Inside it had felt like both a few moments and a lifetime, and so he was only mildly surprised when the sun overhead was just past its midpoint in the sky. Inside him, he knew that it was not a few moments that had passed, but and entire day. He was not entirely sure how he knew, but he was sure.

With his legs trembling with the weight of his own body, he took step after careful step back to the Brotherhood that had sent him out there to begin with, clothing in tattered pieces, barely hanging off his raw skin. What kept him moving was the knowledge that he would soon be deemed a Brother, and not just any Brother, but an Apprentice on top of it all. He felt the wind all around him, and knew. The Heart had changed him and forced him to grow in more ways that he thought possible.

Alias: Delilah


Set made by StainsofPeach of RPG-D.

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Finnagan has been blessed as a.....

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Ready for Review!
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Ready for re-review, Vulcan. Thanks for all that help ^_^
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Finnagan Collins
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