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Welcome to Carista. We are an original fantasy roleplay forum set in the world of Carista -- a place where the eight different systems of control are divided across countries and oceans and blood. The systems of control are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Plant, Health and Time -- all given to humanity in ages past.

Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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 This Is the Ending (if)

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This Is the Ending (if) Empty
PostSubject: This Is the Ending (if)   This Is the Ending (if) I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 10, 2013 9:39 pm

This Is the Ending (if) Theendad2

It’s 2023, and the Infected have been roaming the Earth for ten years, now. Most of the human population has been eradicated by the Infection. Only those who banded together, made it to Quarantine Zones, or were just plain out lucky or prepared have made it through the initial waves of infection.

Our story is with those inside the Quarantine Zones of New York City. These Zones are run by the Politicals. They are the new ruling force of New York. They control the work, the food, the shelter. However, there are those who do not agree with their rule, and after taking over a Quarantined Zone of their own, they’re looking to make the rest of New York a better place. These Rebels are the Catalysts.

The citizens of New York are caught between these two powers, and the Infected beyond the walls of the Zones.

Whose side are you on?

Because, this is the ending of the plague, but, it’s the beginning of something entirely new.

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This Is the Ending (if)
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