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Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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 Dārayavahush Mazandarani

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Dārayavahush Mazand

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PostSubject: Dārayavahush Mazandarani    Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:18 am

The Basics

Name: Dārayavahush Vahid Mazandarani
Age: 25
Element: Health Citizen
Classification: Health Citizen
Birth Kingdom: Terra
Home Kingdom: Valetudo


Playby: Bahram Radan

Dārayavahush, if he were able to stand at all he'd be considered of average height at 5'8” by the standards of some.

His body looks as if he's always out in the sun, but this is genetics for if he were to sunbathe he'd look much darker than he already does.

Dārayavahushs' black hair, when he's taken the time to tame it is slick with a bit of curl at the bangs. Often however it's quite a mess, he seems to not mind having bed hair perhaps due to his reclusive lifestyle.

The mans most fetching feature is perhaps his blue eyes which stand out against his darker features when one might have suspected they'd be brown.

His body bares the scars of the accident which cost him his mobility. Down his right thigh there's a seven inch long scar, two inches wide where his skin since its healed is rough to the touch. Then on his the top right shoulder there's a smaller scar of about two inches running in a zig-zag pattern before there's a three inch long section where his flesh is unmarred going toward his back. Then finally it appears that he'd had a gash across his back in a diagonal starting from the right and ending lower at the left.



Dārayavahush is a quiet recluse who would rather lock himself away from the public eye and write than come out and converse with people. This is due to his social anxiety disorder which may very well be in conjunction with his inability to move about freely as he cannot walk. Whenever he's in a crowd and sometimes even with family members he'll feel sick and at times may suddenly, without warning have a panic attack. Therefore he oft lives like a hermit and thus too why he uses a pen name Wahid Arai for his writings instead of the one given to him at his birth.

He is a bitter and oft pushes people away, but there are moments when his previous happy and generous personality resurfaces briefly before the barriers go back up. He'd rather argue with people than let them in as he does not wish to be disappointed or have them pity and then later resent him. He truly believes that it is better for him to have as little interaction with the outside world as possible. His family however, especially his mother and eldest sister continue to speak with him and prod him on a regular basis.

He has not yet come out to his parents for fear they would disown him. Only his eldest sister knows what he'd not even tell his childhood friend. Dārayavahush is quite secretive about his orientation, not that he feels he could act upon it with his diability.

The man although rather a recluse, if it came to it would not throw a homeless stranger away on a cold or rainy evening. He is, if anything at least that hospitable. That doesn't mean he wont sleep with some kind of weapon under his pillow as he doesn't trust that easily. His belief is that he'd rather be prepared in case he allowed a mass murder into his humble dwellings than not. Although sometimes, because he can't walk, has trouble with people or even leaving his house that he sometimes wishes exactly that would happen. His writing at least is an outlet, or at least a distraction from the thoughts and worries which plague him.


  • Grapes, because they're small, edible, sweet and juicy.
  • Early spring, because its not too terribly cold nor is it sweltering. Furthermore, he doesn't have to deal with snow which is a plus
  • Domesticated felines, because petting them soothes his nerves and their purring is just addictive to listen to.
  • Writing, because it lets him pretend for a moment that he's living another life that he's completely in control of.
  • Men, because he finds each one interesting with their various personalities. Plus he's only attracted to men, albeit not all of them.
  • Horses, but unfortunately was never able to get back in the saddle. He can pet them without fear even though he's stuck in a wooden wheelchair because he was thrown off one. But he realizes the horse he loved had been spooked, he would have been himself if something suddenly flew in his face and he didn't realize what it was.


  • Snow, because he has a difficult enough time getting around without that added nuisance.
  • Bees, he doesn't like how quick they are to anger and sting. He'd rather avoid being prodded with anything that has a sharp end.
  • Hypocrisy, because it is unkind to belittle others when one does the exact same thing while saying they say just the opposite.
  • Alcohol, because it tastes foul to him.
  • Being stared at, because he's handicapped and very self-concious about it without people staring or pointing out the obvious.
  • Traveling, because its difficult. He can't walk and even his wheelchair was not made for all terrains and so few places cater to those in a wheelchair. His is made from wood and the wheels from too. Unfortunately they break easily and the wheelchair is not that easy to navigate.

Elemental Strengths
  • Healing minor injuries such as a bruise, sprain, twisted ankle, or carpol and carpel tunnel. These are small and thus rather easy and has been helping his family members with these minor ailments for awhile.
  • Common Cold while he cannot heal it right there and then he can cut the time down to only two or three days instead of the cold lasting up to fourteen days.

Elemental Weaknesses
  • Healing bones, its too difficult and always botches it. He makes it worse instead of better and doesn't really practice healing so much due to his problems.
  • Terminal illnesses Like bones these are too difficult to heal, in fact they are more difficult than bones. A broken bone can be set and heal without slowly killing the person, whereas a terminal illness is quite different.


MotherParirow Usami, 53, Health Citizen
FatherNaseem Mazandarani, 84, Earth Blessed
Sister - Pari Mazandarani, 37, Earth Apprentice
Sister – Suri Mazandarani, 10, Health Citizen
Brother-in-law – Sorano Takahashi, 43, Health Apprentice
Niece – Minako Takahashi, 18, Earth Citizen
Niece – Aiko Takahashi, 15, Earth Citizen
Niece – Reiko Takahashi, 12, Earth Citizen
Niece – Sayuri Takahashi, 9, Health Citizen
Niece – Botan Takahashi, 6, Earth Citizen
Niece – Amaya Takahashi, 3, Earth Citizen
Nephew – Ryu Takahashi, 3 months, Health Citizen
Uncle – Sarfraz Mazandarani, Deceased, Earth Counselor
Aunt – Evony Tasse, Deceased, Deceased Water Grand Master
Cousin – Sher Mazandarani – 46, Health Apprentice
Cousin's Wife – Ophelia Gagnon – 44, Water Counselor
1st cousin, once removed - Avan Mazandarani, 26, Water Citizen
Childhood Friend – Fabien Dupont – Water Citizen

History: Dārayavahush's mother was betrothed to his father upon her birth and while his mother resented it there was little she could do about it.

When his mother, Parirow was to finally be wed to Naseem she ran away a month before the wedding with the intention of eloping with another man.

Naseem however was not about to give up his betrothed, particularly not after having had the man thoroughly investigated and followed.

The man Parirow had run off with would take the dowry of the women he'd tricked and run off with it all after spending at least one night. This then would leave the woman destitute and sometimes pregnant and alone. Most women would not return to their families due to the shame, or because their family had already disowned them for running away with the scoundrel in the first place.

It appeared from the reports Naseem had received that the man, when the women became more troublesome whether they would follow him to stay with him or try to extract revenge he would murder them. Usually by way of poison in their food, drink or medicine. Others he'd try to make look like an accident by having them fall off a boat and drown, or slip down the side of a mountain.

Naseem caught up with Parirow and the scoundrel just as they were saying their vows. Objecting to their ceremony he forced Parirow to listen whilst those he'd hired to help him captured the murderous con-artist.

Parirow, finding out all of it was true, agreed to go through with the wedding to Naseem for while he was old he was also kind and true. That day they were wed and the man who'd done so much wrong to so many was arrested and sentenced to be hanged.

Nine months to the day that they were wed, Dārayavahushs' sister Pari was born. He followed twelve years after and his younger sister Suri fifteen years after him.

Dārayavahush on the day of his birth in the lands of Terra, he was born with a small curly fringe of black hair. He was named for a character in a book and when he learned of it later on he became fascinated by books. One could very rarely find him without his nose stuck in a book. Except perhaps when he was with his friend, Fabien Dupont.

He first met Fabien when he was three years old at a local market his mother and sister had taken him to. His mother had been haggling with the merchants and his sister was supposed to be holding his hand. But she had let go and he'd half-crawled and half-walked wandered away.

Once he'd seen that he was lost, he began to cry. Fabien's mother noticed him and knelt down and set Fabien beside him and told her husband to wait with them while she went in search of Dārayavahushs' mother.

Fabien offered him his toy and his crying calmed down. It only took a few minutes before they were passing the toy back and forth, speaking gibberish and giggling.

Several minutes later both of them grew hungry and would have both started to wail if not for Fabien's mother returning and with Dārayavahushs' mother and sister. They all went to sit down and eat.

As Fabien and his family only lived a fifteen minute walk from his Dārayavahushs' family home the two often saw each other.

When Dārayavahush and Fabien were five their parents hired the same governess and would take turns learning at each others house. The pair of them didn't always behave as they would try and sneak out to go play in the yard or a fort that they'd made or found. The governess however always seemed to know just where to find them.

It was also when they were five that one Sorano Takahashi came to their land for business reasons as he owned and ran a horse ranch. The man bred and raised horses mostly for races and shows, but some of the horses were work horses for farmers and others just for leisure rides.

Pari, Dārayavahushs' sister having fallen for Sorano when he left the following year she went with him. Neither Naseem or Parirow had agreed to their marriage, but Pari and Sorano eloped. But unlike the time Parirow nearly eloped with a dangerous man, Pari eloped with a gentle soul whom she went on to have many children with.

Dārayavahush did miss his sister, she felt more like a second mother to him because they were twelve years apart in age. Still they would see each other from time to time, or at least every few months or so his parents and sister would exchange letters.

At the time he was six years old when his sister left, but he still had his best-friend Fabien to play with and get in trouble with. Together they'd pretend to be knights in shinning armor or great people who used their abilities for good. The pair of them hugged often feeling unabashed about their friendly affections.

Dārayavahush was envious of Fabiens' pony and longed to have one of his very own. It was Fabiens' family that taught him how to ride when he turned seven, on a pony, as long as they were there to supervise.

Shortly after he turned seven his sisters first child was born, but he didn't get to see his niece at the time. He wasn't too sure if he liked her name or not and felt some jealousy toward the child for she got to see and feel his sisters love every day. Fabien helped him with this by giving him extra hugs for Dārayavahush loved hugs whether he was getting or giving them.

On Dārayavahushs' eighth birthday his parents bought one of the horses from Sorano on a family discount for him. The horse was a beautiful and docile palomino mare. With help from his father he got onto the saddle with Fabien sitting behind him. The mare trotted around the yard and Dārayavahush decided to name her Marigold Dream on her papers, but Marigold for short.

He and Fabien after when they weren't being taught by their governess or at their own homes for meals and family time could be found out and about on horseback. Most times instead of each one riding their own they'd ride together. Dārayavahush himself would sometimes try to prepare a picnic basket and eat near a pond in the middle of a ride. Sometimes their other friends would join them, but Dārayavahush and Fabien seemed at times in the eye of others to be joined at the hip.

When Dārayavahush was ten, his best-friend, Fabien, moved to Valentudo. With a heavy heart and tears stinging the back of his eyes he watched him go. Not even Marigold was fast enough to follow and Dārayavahush could not bring himself to leave his parents behind to go after him. He was only ten and did not wish to be scolded by his parents.

Shortly thereafter he joined a group of other students taught in a building by one of the school teachers. It didn't feel the same, but he met new people and made new friends. However none of them got as close to him as Fabien had. He was afraid that someday they too might have to leave and he hadn't known them nearly as long as he had Fabien Dupont.

Sometimes they'd ride together, but on separate horses. It didn't feel right to him to let someone else ride double with him if it wasn't Fabien. They'd enjoy picnics as a group together and swim in the pond.

And just when he was beginning to get closer to a couple of his new friends he was thrown off Marigold when she was spooked by something the wind picked up and flashed in her face. Unprepared for that moment, Dārayavahush fell off and his spine hit a hard rock. The pain was so much that he passed out.

Marigold ran home without her rider and the friends he was with, half of them in fear of being scolded hightailed it from the scene. Only a couple of them stuck by his side while one of them went to get Dārayavahushs' parents and the doctor.

He didn't come too until a day later and found himself at the doctors building. He could move his arms and sit up, but he couldn't feel his legs or even wiggle his toes.

Seeing his mother sitting in a chair beside his bed, he woke her up and she looked relieved. She hugged him and he winced in pain.

When she called the doctor in, he was given an examination and the doctor determined that there was a high chance he might never walk again. However until Dārayavahush had, had time to recover from his fall they could not be entirely certain.

Dārayavahush was to stay off his feet for at least six months. He was assigned a nurse at home. No one they knew or had found seemed to be able to do more than help with his bruises. He slept far more and was more bored than he'd ever been. A couple of weeks in was when he picked up paper and pen and began on the journey of writing his first novel.

The first one was about friendship and not as well written as his later stories. It took him several drafts to get his first novel published.

In the meantime however inbetween drafts he saw the doctor again and there didn't seem to be much hope. There was still a chance he might one day walk again, but it was a very small chance.

At the time, Dārayavahush grabbed onto that small chance like it was a lifeline.

They tried physical therapy, massages and anything else they could think of. Whenever he tried to stand however, he couldn't. Instead he'd fall and each time he became more and more frustrated.

Several of his friends after the accident never came to see him and bit by bit as time passed more of them began to stop seeing him.

When their numbers dwindled down to only a couple, he feared they too would leave. Instead of waiting for them to abandon him, he'd speak bitterly and sarcastically to them or yell at them to leave. Where once he would have given them a hug, he instead ignored them. Finally, there were none who came to see him and only his family put up with his behavior.

A year and a half after the accident his parents decided to move. Not just because their beloved son no longer had friends to stay behind for, but because their daughter and granddaughter were living in Valentudo. Valentudo had been Dārayavahushs' mothers birth land and she missed it.

While Dārayavahush didn't care where they were at, he'd stopped trying to walk again and had lost all of his friends. There were times he thought there was nothing worth living for.

Once they arrived in Valentudo they stayed with his sisters family for a couple of months until his parents found their own place and had fixed it up a bit.

The change in scenery did nothing for the emotional and mental upheaval the accident had caused him.

When Fabien Dupont learned that he was living in Valentudo, he came to see him with a house warming gift of books, their favorite peppermint bark and quills. When Dārayavahush tried to ignore him or snap at him, Fabien didn't back down or leave. Whenever Dārayavahush ignored him, Fabien continued to talk and visit him.

Dārayavahush continued to work on his first novel and finally after at least ten different drafts it was accepted to be published and came out on shelves when he was sixteen. Children and adults alike loved the novel on friendship.

Some of his next books however were more adult in nature, because finally he knew why he'd never taken an interest in any of the girls. He'd been friends with some, but had never been interested in kissing them or in listening to the other boys talk about them.

His novels were either on friendship, homosexual romances between two men some sweet and others a bit more risque, or they were about wolves that were anthropomorphic.

With the sales of his first couple of books, when he was nineteen he was able to move into his own apartment. It was small and grungy, but the more he wrote the more he made.

Only recently, he moved into a better place, a house instead of an apartment. He needed the space and the quiet, not just to write, but to relax.

Ever since he'd been thrown off of Marigold Dream when he was thirteen his back pains him most days. There are herbs that he's tried and some of the Health Controllers are able to help alleviate the pain. Although often he waits until its unbearable before seeking them out again if their previous help has worn off.

He was told that had he come to them right after the accident they might have been able to help him. There are those that wish to experiment on him so that he can walk again. However Dārayavahush doesn't trust in it and has as yet to be talked into undergoing any of their experimentation's.

He'd rather not give his hopes up while at the same time he struggles with leaving his house, entering day-to-day social interactions and spiraling into depression. There are days he'd just rather not wake up.

His family, especially his mother and elder sister try to talk him into accepting more help from the Health Controllers. Even Fabien Dupont, his childhood friend tries to talk him into it even if Dārayavahush doesn't very often speak to him as he tries to ignore his presence.

In regards to his pen name, very few individuals know it. Only his sister, editor and a couple of acquaintances know of his pen name. Others speculate on what he does for a living as with his handicap his choices are limited. There are those who wonder if he has some rich benefactor or if his parents are footing his bills. He might tell them he writes, but not under what pen name.


RP Sample:

Dārayavahush was sitting in his chair and gazing down at the page. It had been blank for the past several minutes.

He tapped his quill against the desk as he tried to think of what he was to write next. It was unusual for him to come up against writers block.

He tried not to think about his own problems and instead tried to focus back on the main character and his inner conflict. But to no avail, his thoughts continued to wander.

Unlike his protagonist, he had no chance of an eventual happily ever after. The only thing he had to look forward to was several long and tiresome years ahead of him where he was alone, lonely and unable to move about freely.

The only people who might come to visit him would be his sister and his nieces and nephews. He didn't see his father living too much longer and he wasn't too sure about his mother. Only time and circumstance would tell, but he did not wish to dwell upon the matter.

Trying to return his attention to the present and what he'd been doing before frightful thoughts had begun to once more assault him, he glared at the blank page.

Nothing was coming to him and before the story had been going so well, he'd been on a roll. Unfortunately it seemed it was just not his day.

With a huff of air released he dropped the quill and pushed himself away from the desk, muttering a curse under his breath.

There was little enough he had in life, he didn't want to be unable to write even a single sentence or a single word. But nothing would come to him that would help continue the story he'd been working on for nigh a month.
No doubt he'd demand a drink, if he had liked the taste of any alcoholic beverage, but he'd tried many of them and had found them all lacking. Each one still left an unpleasant aftertaste. Luckily, he'd never drank enough to get drunk and he intended to keep it that way.

It was at that moment that it clicked, the protagonist had been into some shrooms and his judgment had been poor. All would become clearer once he'd gotten it out of his system. Then he could finally save his pack mates from the tyranny of the new alpha.

Turning back to the desk and pulling himself in, he began writing fervently before it all poofed from his thoughts.

Alias: Trinket

Application made by Vulcan of RPG-D specifically for Carista. Remove this credit and you will be eaten by teenage mutant ninja walrus.

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I'm now ready for review.
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I believe I'm ready for a new review.
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Dārayavahush Mazandarani
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