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Welcome to Carista. We are an original fantasy roleplay forum set in the world of Carista -- a place where the eight different systems of control are divided across countries and oceans and blood. The systems of control are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Plant, Health and Time -- all given to humanity in ages past.

Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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 Casmiro Reavalis

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Casmiro Reavalis

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PostSubject: Casmiro Reavalis   Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:47 am

The Basics

Name:Casmiro Reavalis
Age: 18
Element: Earth
Classification: Citizen
Birth Kingdom: Valetudo
Home Kingdom: Valetudo


Playby: - (Image ©Shadesofobsidian aka. me *Ignore the teeth-mask!)
Appearance: At first glance, Casmiro looks younger than he really is. The impression can be attributed to his lack of height (just over 5 ft), and the lingering bit of baby fat around his cheeks. Despite spending most of daytime indoors, Casmiro's skin is of a naturally tanned tone. Layered black hair tickles the back of his neck and falls over blue eyes.
Casmiro stands with a straight back that automatically transforms into a slouch when at his workbench. He often adds insoles to his footwear, but is still visibly shorter than the general male population of Valetudo.


Personality: Casmiro's personality does not stand out much, and generally meets strangers with a calm and slightly curious demeanour. He is a courteous and self-controlled individual, but nevertheless flies easily into a rage whenever someone insults his height, or his elder sister. As the youngest, and somewhat accidental child, he is pampered in comparison to his elder sister, but the distinctly middle-classness of his family means he still helps to support the family, cultivating a strong sense of responsibility.

Casmiro is fiercely independent and goal-oriented. He does not accept the charity of others willingly, and is the kind that would rather put in effort and take risks in achieve what he wants instead of accept it as an easy gift from others. He expects a similar attitude from others, and views those who make no move to better themselves poorly. If he does see effort being made though, Casmiro can be a sympathetic to strangers and altogether altruistic towards friends and family.

Since young Casmiro has been one who uses affectionate words sparingly. Never one to hug nor sweet-talk, his caring side usually shows itself in the form of acts and the occasional present instead. His reticence stems from an intense shyness that makes him stutter when speaking to good-looking or charismatic people, and totally clam up in front of an audience.

Casmiro is optimistically ambitious in all of his endeavours, and while he will initially approach them in a logical manner, he can sometimes be overtaken by a rush of reckless impulse. He is motivated largely by his own interest, followed by a innate curiosity and finally a hidden desire for control.

  • Creating Things & Creative People
    To give form and purpose, the accomplishment he feels from creating objects is unrivaled. Thinks highly of other people who are in creative trades.
  • Grave-robbing
    The thrill he feels from his nighttime forays gives him an adrenaline rush that is otherwise lacking in his otherwise uneventful life.
  • Stories
    Be they written or oral, poetry or prose, Casmiro is loves them all. It is one of the reasons why he works for a theatre.
  • Earnest People
    What is there not to like about them? Effort is as important as the end result.

  • Nobles
    Particularly the younger ones who're particularly loud about getting their own way. Casmiro finds them somewhere between the unproductive leeches and squirming vermin.
  • Tall People
    Not much to be said; Casmiro is jealous, plain and simple.
  • Complainers
    Especially those who complain but do nothing to change the situation. Casmiro is man of acts and not words
  • Public Speaking
    Casmiro suffers from stage fright, and shyness in general on top of that.

Elemental Strengths
  • Property Manipulation
    Casmiro can change various qualities of the material he is working with. E.g. Texture, consistency, hardness, malleablity, acidity.
  • Finesse
    Is extremely precise in affecting his element.

Elemental Weaknesses
  • Element Creation
    Despite Casmiro's love of creating objects, he cannot create the raw material and has to get the element from his surroundings.
  • Area of Effect
    Casmiro is used to working with smaller quantities of his elemental, He can manipulate approximately 20 ounces of his element at a time.


Mother - Amalia Reavalis, Earth Citizen
Father - Isodoro Reavalis, Health Citizen
Elder Sister - Enrica Aquila, Health Citizen
Brother-in-law - Vasco Aquila, Health Citizen

Casmiro was born to a middle-class family. He was told that his conception was an accidental one, and given the age gap between him and his elder sister (a whooping 11 years!), it appears that his parents were telling the truth. His parents made a living crafting various toys for children, the more exquisite ones for the wealthy, while the simpler ones with no finish at all went for as low as a few bronzes.

His childhood was not an easy one. The Reavalis were by no means starving and even possessed a proper storefront of their own, but the extra mouth to feed did put a considerable strain on resources. As a result, Casmiro was roped in to help with the family business and home-schooled by his parents instead of being sent to a school. At first the young child worked with tools, but he soon found the materials responding much better to his hands.

Lacking interaction with people outside of his family, Casmiro had grown up to be extremely close to his sister. Unlike their parents, Enrica was openly doted on the youngest member of the family, lavishing praise and hugs. Casmiro reciprocated the affection, and would make all sorts of trinkets for his beloved elder sister. Many a times two siblings would talk late into the night on while lying their respective beds (they shared a single room), falling asleep to the sound of the other's voice.

He was much dismayed then, when Enrica went and fell in love with a man by the name of Vasco Aquila. All of a sudden he found himself being alone. Alone in the workshop while his parents tended to the store in front, alone in a room that was now one bed less. Enrica still visited, but because Vasco himself was from a different district, the visits were few an between, often lasting less than a week. The visits stopped altogether since a year ago, after Enrica became pregnant with child.

It was during this time Casmiro started to exhibit an interest for making dolls. All those that were not meant for sale, he would keep in his room once finished. The toys took Enrica's place, watching him as he worked on more pieces. Every night, he would choose one doll out of his gradually growing collection to hold a one-way conversation with before going to sleep. As his skill grew, so did the dolls' resemblance to his sister.

Knowing that his parents would pry sooner or later, Casmiro decided to quickly find a job that would also grant him board. He found one, as an in-house props-maker and stage-hand for a popular theatre. The pay was low, and the room was cramped and out of the way, but the important thing was that he had privacy. Casmiro's doll collection continued to grow, and soon he found that there was something lacking in his creations. There was a limit to how much he could learn with his eyes alone, Casmiro realised. Just as how he had learnt to make toys by touch, he would also need to do the same for his dolls.

Lacking the clout and the audacity to get living humans to be his models, yet unwilling to give up on improving his dolls, Casmiro resorted to grave-robbing. His first attempt had been a nerve-wrecking one, but relatively free of guilt. Dead people did not have any need for kneecaps, nor eyeballs. Besides, he made sure to replace each limb or organ he took with a replica made out of clay or dirt. They did not exactly match what he had robbed the corpse of, but that was the whole point. Once he had taken what he needed, Casmiro would re-bury the corpse along with an additional gift of his own - a small toy for children, flowers for ladies and most commonly, a walking stick for the elderly.

At first Casmiro would loot years-old graves that looked neglected, but the cadavers were rotted away. He salvaged what he could, a few bones, but the loot was entirely too unsatisfactory and there was little to be learned apart from the movement of joints. Casmiro needed more. Thus he begun to rob newer and newer graves. For a long time he had remained cautious about his very illegal research, often taking months-long breaks between each desecration.

Still, Casmiro found himself addicted to the thrill of desecrating graves. He would do it regularly, approximately once a month. The activity had became an interest in itself; sometimes he did not even take anything substantial away with him - perhaps few locks of hair or a single finger that only served to 'mark' the grave as having been robbed. He kept his spoils in boxes, packed with dirt to reduce exposure to air and slow down decomposition.

Casmiro's doll collection continued to grow during all this time. With his room running out of space, Casmiro begun to sell some of his dolls, starting from the ones he deemed most imperfect. He sold them in small batches, long with old stage props that were put up sales whenever there was a change in the plays of the theatre.

In recent months, Casmiro found himself lacking peasant graves to rob. He turned his attention to the aristocracy then, wondering what the graves of nobles would be like, and is now on the lookout for any funerals held by the wealthy and influential.


RP Sample:
Quote :
Busy ports were always a sign of a thriving economy and the Cinderports were bustling indeed. Vessels of varying size and purpose were entering and leaving, goods and people being unloaded and brought up. The cries of seabirds could scarcely be heard over the din around her. Splashing waves, creaking floorboards and the coarse talk of seafarers assaulted her ears as she walked along the line of ships. What would be the chance of hearing the faint crackling of flames amidst all this?

An ideal setting for arson.

Dressed in simple breeches and a plain shirt, Lumière looked much like a skiving tavern boy. She had more on her mind than just slacking around though. While most people would associate illegal activities with the dark of the night, Lumière preferred carrying them out during daytime. While it was true that the poorly illuminated environment was conducive for committing crimes, potential victims would be on their guard. Unless they were drunk, of course.

Carefully avoiding a group of beggars clamoring for kindness in the form of coin, Lumière continued walking. She was headed towards one of the many taverns littered around the area — The Lad's Pointed Heel.

Known for their trademark fiery drink called red ale, The Lad's Pointed Heel was a place of passion. Perhaps it would be closer to being an inn, because for a fee you could stay overnight in the rooms upstairs. But few, if any, ever went to there to just sleep. And for some unknown reason, fights commonly broke out in the main part of the establishment. The owner was rarely seen, rumoured to be a middle-aged human with thinning hair.

That was all Lumière knew; she didn't know much, and truth be told, she didn't want to know. The information might be false for all she cared. The place wasn't going to be there for much longer anyway.

Alias: Tapestries

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Casmiro has been blessed as an...

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Casmiro Reavalis

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PostSubject: Re: Casmiro Reavalis   Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:02 pm

Ready for review!
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A review has been sent to your player account.
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Casmiro Reavalis
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