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Welcome to Carista. We are an original fantasy roleplay forum set in the world of Carista -- a place where the eight different systems of control are divided across countries and oceans and blood. The systems of control are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Plant, Health and Time -- all given to humanity in ages past.

Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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 Evelina Soriano

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Evelina Soriano

Evelina Soriano

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Character Sheet
OOC: Tsamo
Classification: Citizen
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PostSubject: Evelina Soriano   Evelina Soriano I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2013 3:29 pm

The Basics

Name: Evelina Soriano
Age: 22
Element: Health
Classification: Citizen
Birth Kingdom: Valetudo
Home Kingdom: Valetudo


Playby: Leighton Meester


Evelina Soriano Leightonmeester300



As the sole progeny of an esteemed cabinet member (her father) and a celebrated healer (her mother), Evelina has always felt considerable pressure to maintain the high standards and expectations conveyed by her family name, but she has never truly been able to uphold those ideals. With such influential and powerful parents, Evelina's relative lack of ability is and always has been a constant source of severe embarrassment and shame for her. But instead of drawing on those negative emotions as a source of strength, she finds it much simpler to avoid confronting the problem altogether. The connections her parents' reputations and positions afforded allowed her access to some of the finest healers in Valetudo, but it soon became apparent from that any trainer brave enough to take on Evelina as their pupil would have to learn to contend with a great deal of frustration.

She has never been known for her patience and dedication when it comes to facing difficult or otherwise time-consuming tasks, so while she initially did make a sincere attempt to attend the sessions that were regularly arranged for her (in the interest of pacifying her parents), it didn't take long for Evelina to become discouraged over her excruciatingly slow progress. Her mother and father both seemed to possess such impressive innate talent and prowess when it came to their gifts, which it made it a considerable difficulty for her to understand and accept that such matters were not destined to come as easily for her. Whether she was made to practice elemental moves or simple hands on combat or self defense, she never showed much aptitude.

Evelina's displeasure in herself and her poor performance manifested in her tendency toward avoidance and dilatory tactics. While she is perfectly content to speak her mind in as loud or brash a manner as she deems fit for the particular situation she is in, passive aggression has always been one of her favorite methods of expressing her displeasure. For many years she would purposefully arrive to her lessons late or simply blow them off altogether with no warning or explanation offered. Whenever she found herself unable to avoid a training appointment, she would compensate by putting forth as little effort as possible.

This pattern continued ceaselessly until her parents had no choice but to concede with her wishes to cease her training. The warped cycle of manipulation and eventual surrender characterized the dynamic between Evelina and her parents for much of her youth, and as a consequence, carried over into a majority of her other interpersonal relationships. She learned by example that such persistence often went a long way in ensuring that her needs would be met. If that tactic ever fails however, she is certainly not averse to using deception as a means of getting her own way.


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  • Creationism:

  • Family:

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Elemental Strengths

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Elemental Weaknesses

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  • Lack of discipline:



Mother: Catarina Soriano - Health Consular (Deceased)
Father: Salvatore Soriano - Health Master

Some extended family on her father's side.


By the time of her birth, Evelina's parents were both well-established and renowned figures in the wealthy kingdom of Valetudo. While not entirely planned, her arrival initially brought welcome changes to the Soriano household. Her parents were both regarded as philanthropists, and devoted a majority of their combined time, power, and resources to the betterment of Valetudo and its citizens. Still, as devoted and passionate as they were about their work, the brief respite from career-related matters that the early years of parenthood were sure to bring seemed like something worth exploring to the two overworked activists.

But the promise of a quieter life didn't remain enticing for long, and only mere months after Evelina's birth, Salvatore and Catarina resumed their customary work and volunteering schedules. As a consequence, many of Evelina's formative years were spent under the supervision of hired caretakers. Of course, even then she was prone to fits and misbehavior while under the rule of their help, and her parents were frequently forced to seek out replacements over the years. If it ever came to the point where they were left entirely without suitable options, one of her parents would have Evelina accompany them to work.

In such situations, she would typically accompany her father, who even then worked as a trusted and revered cabinet member for the royal family. This seemed to be the most fitting arrangement, as the Ilda family had a daughter the same age as Evelina, and her parents judged that it might be beneficial to have her interact more with children her own age, as opposed to being constantly confined to their home with a nanny. Due to consistently demanding work and social commitments, it would be necessary for them to continue such services for Evelina, but they hoped that the occasional variation in routine and exposure to playmates would help even out her explosive temper and expend some of her nearly limitless energy. The nature of her father's job ensured that the Sorianos and the Ildas would always be intimately connected, but her frequent visits to the royal home as a child were what truly served as the foundation for Evelina's strong bond with princess Noemi.

Even at a young age, Evelina seemed quite aware of her preferences. She did not enjoy being under the dominion of batty old nannies who smelled of mothballs and did not respond kindly when she spilled sauce on their clothes or cut their hair to amuse herself as they napped. She also resented the fact that she was never allowed to spend the day with either of her parents whenever they left for their endless daily tasks. Her constant tormenting of her substitute caregivers had as much to do with boredom and lack of stimulation as it did with her desire to rebel against her parents' apparent neglect and inattention, but once it became clear that the constant shift in employees forced her parents to acknowledge her and correlated with an increased concern for her welfare, Evelina worked tirelessly to send every new nanny away screaming.

Looking back, Evelina considers her parents' eventual concession to her overwhelming desire to spend more time with them outside of the home environment to be one of her earliest victories over them. Even then she was left with a sense of pride at having devised a method of obtaining her own way, but she couldn't quite identify the sensation at the time. All she knew was that she was finally being permitted to spend more time with her parents and see more of the beautiful kingdom that they lived in, and that was really all that mattered. As one might expect, their various responsibilities often made it difficult to directly and frequently interact with Evelina during their scheduled work hours, but often she was pleased to just be in the general vicinity of where they carried out their tasks.

The trips with her father to the royal palace were always a special treat to Evelina, and even became a source of pride to her as the years passed, because while abundant wealth opened many doors in Valetudo, it was an enviable thing to be a frequent guest and beloved friend of the Ildas; that was an honor and mark of station that not even money could buy if one one was not deemed deserving. And over time, the visits did have a noticeably positive effect on Evelina; she didn't appear to be less mischievous, but she seemed happier. While there was always a constant yearning for an increase in attention and affection from her hard-working parents, Evelina did not realize just how starved she had been for some age-appropriate companionship until she met Noemi.


RP Sample: -- This may be recycled or fresh for this character, but it must reach the Carista minimum word count of 250--

Alias: Tsamo

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PostSubject: Re: Evelina Soriano   Evelina Soriano I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2013 3:32 pm

Evelina has been blessed as a...

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Admission Clean-Up

This application was posted a significant time ago. Please respond within two weeks signifying that you still wish you work on this character or the thread will be archived. Thank you!
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Still working! :]
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Evelina Soriano
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