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Now, during a golden age throughout the kingdoms, rumors have come of the Loners discovering an ancient building deep underground that contains a legendary Relic that may hold the key to ultimate power or destruction. And so the race of kingdoms begin with the prize being a Relic of untold power...

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 Abbey Moore

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Abbey Moore


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PostSubject: Abbey Moore   Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:33 pm

The Basics

Name: Abigail [Abbey] Moore
Age: 51
Element: Wind
Classification: Master
Birth Kingdom: Ignis
Home Kingdom: Ignis


Height: 5'5"


Abbey is a calm, reserved woman, yet not as objective as she thinks herself. Throughout her life she has often considered herself to be extremely logical and standoffish, although emotion often sways her actions without her realizing. She holds grudges for years, and never fully forgives people who have wronged her. Despite this, tact seems to comes naturally to Abbey. She is polite, and courteous, and goes the extra mile for anyone important, even when she doesn't like them. Time has tempered her tongue, and she holds it like a sheathed knife. She knows when to keep her thoughts to herself, and how to sway another person to her own line of thinking and allow them to believe they reached it on their own. At times she does this with new servants to ensure that they do not expose her, slowly feeding them hints that the Queen is losing her power, is not worth their fealty, that subtle contributions to the rebellion are worth any risk.

She far prefers subtlety and anonymity to any sort of grandeur, and to this effect she is generally unimpressed by fame. Even the queen herself receives cool, mild responses to grand tales. This is mostly intentional - even when she is impressed or surprised she prefers to keep it controlled so it's harder to distinguish when she's only being polite, or when she's actually seething, from when she's sincere. She refrains from passive aggressive remarks when in the presence of royalists, and will lie to give off the appearance of being one herself. To this effect, she also prefers people to think her ranking as a master is a misnomer.

And then, once she is in the presence of those who she knows she can trust, her demeanor shifts. She becomes authoritative and stern, and takes nonsense from no one. Business first, joking around later. In particular, Abbey takes the Rebellion very seriously, and will often scold members for risky, lazy, or outright stupid behavior. Not until all business is completed does she relax, and the shift is often unsettlingly sudden. Considering how hard her expression usually is, it is easy to distrust her gentler, warmer persona, although it's how she would behave given the choice. She would like to play the sweet old lady, but the rebellion always comes first.

She considers herself to be working in a more dangerous position than most other members, and is under constant threat of discovery should she err. The constant fear of being captured has forced her into an exhausting position. She strives to conceal her tension and exhaustion, but it takes a huge toll on her nonetheless. She uses her health to excuse herself from her duties when she must meet with other members of the rebellion, often claiming she is visiting her doctor cousin.

She has made mention that had there been no rebellion she would have left the queen's service and opened a restaurant, which is probably the most obvious indicator that she is putting the rebellion ahead of herself (and even regrets it a little). A look into her life will show that she truly believes the queen's reign must come to an end, and while she doesn't care to admit it, the rebellion is her current passion.

  • Cooking - Though no one really expects Abbey to do much of the cooking, she does it when she has the time. It's become a very absent task for her, and she finds that she thinks the most clearly while completing a familiar dish. Similarly, she enjoys eating, and sharing whatever is leftover (no point letting it go to waste; she usually shares with other servants). However, when asked to cook by someone she is not obliged to, she'll typically respond that she is not their mother.
  • Organization - Abbey loves it when a plan is well-laid, more so when she knows all the steps. One of the few things that can impress her is a well conceived plan. She respects organization, and is mildly disturbed by the lackthereof. (Ranging from awkward to hilarious: she'll calmly demand a messy room to be cleaned.)
  • Tea - There are people who dislike tea? Blasphemous!
  • Being Herself - She doesn't get to do it very often. In anticipation of visits to her cousin, who knows her game in and out, she often brightens up. Thus, she is often in an elated mood right until meeting with members of the rebellion (and she slips right back once business is done).
  • Brion Moore - Her cousin and her doctor, visiting him usually puts Abbey in a good mood. Partially because she enjoys seeing him, partially because he's good at speeding her through her latest illness.
  • The Rebellion - Abbey knows how to keep quiet about this, even though she is nearly obsessive over it. It doesn't really make her happy, but the thought of bringing Queen Juliana off of her throne and bettering the nation does.


  • Queen Juliana - She's very good at hiding this, but one can only overhear so much of the woman before finding her insufferable, among other things. She, with more reason than others, believes that Queen Julianna started the war for purely selfish reasons. She also holds the queen partially responsible for the death of her youngest brother, as if the country had not been at war her brother would not have been drafted and later killed.
  • Rodents - Especially in her kitchen. Ick.
  • Dirt - Especially on her floors. Ick.
  • Rudeness - Especially from the mouths of other servants.
  • Soldiers - She doesn't hate all soldiers, but she holds a large contempt for those who seem unaffected by the war, or who follow orders without so much as a thought to why.
  • Dishes - She hates doing dishes with a passion. She tends to shrug them off on servants who she feels are slacking or otherwise not being useful.
  • Her Own Name - She intensely dislikes her given name. "Abbey" feels too childish for her, and "Abigail" sounds like a bad pun (incidentally, it is unwise to call her "Gale"). She allows people to call her "Abbey," but will twitch at her full name, and usually request that they use her surname instead. Additionally, the alliteration in "Miss Moore" bothers her.
  • Being Sick - Abbey's immune system seems to have checked out, and much of her daily routines include breathing steam to keep a cough at bay, chewing mint leaves before and after meals to prevent nausea, and wrapping up her hands before bed to keep down her arthritis.

Elemental Strengths
  • Finesse - Fine, controlled spurts of air come naturally to Abbey. She can breathe life into a smoldering stove with her careful manipulation of wind, and direct a falling leaf neatly into a garbage can across the room. She can create thin gusts from *multiple directions at a time, creating an effect similar to Ventus Brothers' Wind Walking, but on a much smaller scale, and usually further from her person.
    • *Multi-directional Wind - Abbey is able to create winds from several directions at once.

  • Whispers - She can carry a sound quite a distance, usually between the many floors and rooms of Castle Ignis, to contact other servants. Given her finesse, she is very capable of directing sounds in multiple directions, or snuffing them out. Though she does not use it frequently, she can create airwaves which amplify her voice, and produce a radio effect.
    • She also uses this to eavesdrop, catching sound waves and carrying them to herself - or others. This takes more concentration, however, and she is easily disrupted by unexpected noises.

Elemental Weaknesses
  • Power - Because she has never had any reason to create them, Abbey doesn't use large, showy displays of power. She is well attuned to the fine, controlled sides of her element, not the wild, untamed side. The most she can create would be moderate gusts of winds, and the larger they go the less control she has over them. Even this, however, she turns to her advantage: while she cannot blow away the collective houses of three little pigs, she obfuscates her true skills.
    • Wind Walking - Though Abbey can simulate wind walking on various objects with her multi-directional control, her lack of power prevents her from lifting herself off of the ground.

  • Focus - Though Abbey is generally very controlled, she must maintain her focus in order to use her element. Sudden, unexpected noises will at least put a halt to her control, whereas more persistent grievances will prevent her from using her powers.
  • Hearing Loss - Abbey seems to be losing her actual hearing - the more she uses her whispers eavesdrop, the more reliant she becomes on using them to hear. This, she finds, makes eavesdropping more difficult. Hearing the initial noise which would alert her to worthy information is more of a challenge to Abbey than it was in years past.
  • Disuse - Not using her ability for more than transferring messages has left Abbey unable to provide much in the way of actual attack power, and continuing this only makes it harder for her to improve. She has not made any progress in controlling more powerful winds since her younger years, and the only real indicator of her rank is the distance at which she can send and retrieve sounds.


Mother | Philis Moore | Wind Consular | 75 | Deceased at 57
Father | Percy Moore | Fire Master | 80 | Deceased at 60
Brother | Jon Moore | ______ | 45
Brother | Brook Moore | Fire Apprentice | 41 | Deceased at 27
Cousin | Brion Moore | Health Master | 50


Abbey's parents were both servants in the castle, living in designated quarters and arranging an informal marriage ceremony. It was not entirely uncommon, and so in her younger years she found playmates in other servants' children. It was a happy enough existence, since her family always had a roof over her head and food on their plates, and Abbey never thought to question it back then. Her younger brothers, however, were always complaining. To Abbey's mind, they were troublemakers. Thus, when she was a slightly older child of twelve, she was often flabbergasted by their actual trouble-making. The two had a habit of sneaking about hallways where they were not wanted, getting into other servants' belongings, and generally disturbing the peace below Castle Ignis. By the time Abbey was old enough to start working herself, her brothers had not settled down.

At fourteen she began working as a servant girl, cleaning pots and pans. It was through her work in the kitchen that she received any substantial education - how to read, how to cook, how to do simple mathematics. It was not all she did - she swept and mopped floors, washed laundry, and generally worked in the background. When she was older, her tasks changed somewhat. The then-head-of-servants, Brant, often used her to run messages. In order to avoid an exhausting jog between the kitchen and the garden and the many rooms in need of cleaning, she began to develop her elemental control to send Whispers to servants. Her work schedule kept her isolated from most of her family, and so while she knew what business took place behind the scenes in Castle Ignis, she did not know what business took place in her own household. Aside from gossip, anyways, but all she heard was that her brothers were making mischief.

It did not surprise her that her brothers were forced to leave when they became older, and were too wild for servant work. Jon and Brook collectively wrecked a full day's work by their antics - they managed to disrupt the cooks, who burnt the food, scare the servant girls, who broke the dishes, distract the maids, who spilled their mop water, and anger the gardeners, who threw trowels at them. It was one of the rare instances where Brant actually approached other servants - it either meant moving up in the little, isolated world, or leaving it. When Abbey heard that her brothers had been fired, and asked to vacate, she tried to dispute it with Brant. Finding no luck, she tried to warn her father, who was already well aware. He left with her brothers, promising to return once they were on their feet.

Her father never did return, instead writing about their exploits with various odd jobs, her brothers' many (attempted) love affairs, and mentioning that she and her mother might enjoy leaving servant work behind. They were struggling financially, and constantly bunking with relatives, but as her father put it they were happy. Abbey sided with her mother, and grew bitter at her father for abandoning them. As the years went by, she confided very little in her father and brothers. Her mother she still rarely saw, though when she did they rarely spoke. Brant was the only one who noticed (or at least reacted to) how tense Abbey had become, by a combination of overly mechanical motions and speech, and when he did question her about it he seemed torn between maintaining his usual standoffish behavior and aiding a very confused young woman. She did confide in him that she might have liked the freedom her brothers so often wrote about, and he dissuaded her simply by shrugging her off. She respected Brant, and believed that he must have been correct. It was not the only way that she mimicked Brant - consciously or not. She also began to imitate his reservation, much to her mother's dismay.

Once Abbey reached her thirties, her mother mentioned that she would retire from servant work as well, and leave to join her father once again. Abbey felt, if only slightly, betrayed. Though her mother and her were not particularly close, Abbey had often been told that family was meant to stick together, yet her family was so often split apart. Her mother left to rejoin her father, and Abbey was left alone. She had few friends in the servant's quarters - so often they were exhausted after a day's work and wished to eat and sleep, and had no time for visits with Abbey. Even Brant, in his much older age, was ready to retire, and Abbey was certain she would be left alone. (Though Brant made terrible company, so he was not quite so much of a loss.) The affairs of servants within the castle were often internal - a lot of schmoozing began towards Brant before he retired, by women and men both hoping to improve their lot in life. Abbey knew better than to crowd him, and used only subtle hints to draw attention to herself. When Brant eventually left, he placed some horribly incompetent woman Abbey in his steed, citing that she was the least annoying. (In actuality, Brant actually believed Abbey could manage the job fairly well, especially due to what he called 'a lack of distraction.') Aside from some of the aforementioned schmoozers grumbling, no one had any real complaints. It took Abbey quite a while to get the hang of things, and for a time the servants were in disarray and yet no one but the servants knew. Abbey worked out a system in which wind users would carry whispers between servants to spread orders, similar to how she had carried information in her youth, but on a larger scale.

Before Abbey had made much progress as the new Head of Servants, she received word that her father had passed away. It was peaceful, and unexpected - he simply went to sleep and never woke. She left to attend his funeral, and it was there that she was reunited with her brothers, and their families. Jon had married, Brook was planning to, and her mother had moved in with Jon. She envied her brothers, who seemed so much happier than she. She decided that she would save funds and move out, as they had (though she had no intention of struggling as they had). The rest of the funeral was a fairly standard affair - there was mourning, comments of, "At least he went peacefully," ineloquent eulogies of an unremarkable man, and tears. Mostly her mother's. It was at this funeral that Abbey met several of her cousins, most memorably Brion Moore. He was very easy to get along with, and very interesting. The two began to exchange letters.

A few years later, her mother passed on in the same way, and a very similar affair took place.

When the Ignis-Terra war started, Abbey was quite aghast. She overheard comments from Queen Julianna's visitors, things that implied that the terrorism had been staged. She wasn't sure what to do - how to communicate it to her family. She heard when Brook Moore left to fight and hoped that he would come back to tell the tale (though she cynically wrote to Brion that Brook in battle was completely ludicrous), and cried when she heard that he did not. It was at his funeral that she attempted to confide in Jon what she had heard, but Jon could only share a rumor of the rebellion with her. She had every intention on following the rumor - Brion made it easy for her. He had, he admitted, aided several rebellion members and been letting them slip in and out of his office as they needed, as well as covered for them. With his help she joined the Ignesian Rebellion, and when she returned to castle Ignis she had an ulterior motive.

She could not always be around to listen in on the Queen. She used dishonest methods to bait other servants into joining the Rebellion, planting rumors when she could and scaring off those who might have threatened her plans, either through squeamishness or malice. Years later, nearly all of the servants were waist-deep in the rebellion, with only a few who were not even aware (and did not reside in the servant's quarters). Due to her advantageous position, Abbey was moved up in the ranks of the Rebellion.

Now Abbey is one of the leaders of the rebellion, helping to orchestrate the end of Queen Julianna's reign. Her immune system, while fragile, gives her some excuse to leave and plot with the rebellion (and visit her cousin/doctor, Brion), but also puts her in some danger of being too ill to do her work, either as Head of Servants or as a rebel.


RP Sample:
Nam Sung wrote:
Luckily for Nam, Mustache-Man waited patiently for her to answer. As she took the roll she gave a light bow of her head, a common gesture back in Terra. Then she hesitated. She wanted to eat it, but somewhere in the back of her mind she felt as if she needed permission. She took a small bite anyway - she was hungry, and tired, and Roslyn was miles away. That old witch would never find out.

The roll was far too sweet for her, and her eyes bulged with the first bite. In Terra most of the food was starchy, salted, or heavily spiced to hide the otherwise bland taste. They didn't have much sugar, and what they did have was from fruit, which was hard to come by in the mountains. It only served to stress how unlike Terra Ignis was. She took another bite.

"Are you lost?" Mustache-Man asked.

Among other things. Her feet were sore and blistered from the walking, her stomach clenched with hunger, and her mouth was dry, and now held the persistent taste of an Ignesian confection. Nam thought it was a bit of an understatement. She had no idea how far from home she was - only that she had arrived by boat. She nodded quickly, and once she finished chewing she vocallized an unusually confident, "Yes!"

At this, she smiled thinly - not because she was happy to be lost, goodness no, but because she hadn't had to tug on the hems of shirts asking for help. She still struggled to explain herself, trying to think of a concise way to explain what had happened. She had found the journey from Seung to a funeral to a slaver in Ignis long and confusing. Partly because she spent a large portion of it locked below deck of a ship, and partly because she had assuredly been knocked on the head a few times.

After another long pause, she slowly said, "I need to go back to Seung."

She didn't quite understand that Seung was a remote village even amongst people in Terra. The only thing that might have alerted an Ignesian to its whereabouts was the sound of the name, and perhaps Nam's accent.

Alias: Wicked

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Abbey Moore
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